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The Looking Glass Wars: Alice in a Way you Never Seen Before

Updated on February 21, 2016

Alice in a way you never seen her before.

Okay, anyone who has every visited my website, read my blogs, hubs, or just simply asked me about fantasy books, I always go on this rant of how they are all the same. They are all Lord of The Rings knock offs and Harry Potter is too overrated, and how the Golden Compass is the only book that offered a world we have never seen before. Well I’ll save you that rant. (That’s reserved for totally different blog) I’ll just say that someone has written something that is amazingly imaginative, addicting and offers something that we might have seen tried a couple times before, but never this well. The book is called the Looking Glass Wars. And it completely lived up to its expectations and beyond.

The book is written by Frank Beddor A man who probably is one of the luckiest guys in the worlds. He’s a skier, producer, screenwriter and now a book writer. But even though I’m a struggling self-publishing novelist myself, I will not tear this guy down because he can really write. He does have talent and appreciate that in any person rich or not.

But the book itself is set up as though everything in Lewis’s Carol’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is a lie, and that this the story is telling the truth about the real Alyss and real Wonderland.

In this book, Alyss is a princess in Wonderland. It plays out very happy go lucky in the first few chapters telling of child hood in Wonderland with her best friend Dodge, and she has magic or in the book it’s called imagination. But like always in these books something happens to change things. Her evil aunt Redd kills her parents and takes over the Queendom and Alyss must run away. In doing so, she falls into the pool of tears and tumbles into our world where she is trapped, and over a days’ time, her magic fades away.

The book chronicles Alyss’s life, the Mad Hatters search through our world to save her, Dodge’s turn to a darker person as he leads rebels to back against Redd and eventually a war to put Wonderland back in order once more. But this is a very deconstructed and reconstructed Alice in Wonderland. I want to say that it is somewhat like the scifi miniseries Tinman that was re-imaging of Oz. Everything is there but, newer, fresher, and somehow more original. Alyss is not blond. She has black hair. The cat is assassin with nine lives. The card soldiers are cards that fold out in these strange robot like soldiers. The Mad Hatter is a body guard who has hidden blades, propellers, corkscrews, toe nail clippers, among many other things hidden up his sleeves, coat, backpack and top hat making him seem very much like a kind of inspector gadget only he is much too serious of a character for that. There are also new character like Molly and Dodge that were never there before.

So if you through with Harry and want something new or if you’re like me, who read the His Dark Materials Trilogy way back when and you still begging for more of that sort of imagination? This is for you. If you're more of the Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons kind of fantasy reader, you might not like this. But my rating is four stars.

4 smoothies out of Four.

Overall book rating: Great!

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