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Book Review: The Wedding Soup Murder by Rosie Genova

Updated on November 17, 2014
A wedding on the beach leads to murder
A wedding on the beach leads to murder

The only thing I know about planning a wedding has been by reading crimozies and in The Wedding Soup Murder I'm glad I'm not a caterer.

Fourth of July is right around the corner and as a favor to one of Victoria Rienzi's parents, the Casa Lido is preparing the wedding soup for a friend of the family. Since Victoria wanted more responsibility at the restaurant, her grandmother has put her in charge of making meatballs for the soup. All one thousand of them (just the thought is a daunting task).

To say Victoria's thrilled with the task is an understatement and she's sort of pushed over the edge when she has to go out to the country club and help with the serving of the soup. She also has to work on cookies once the soup had been served. Of course she protests and her grandmother is a little demanding when it comes to cooking and baking.

The morning after, Victoria's father notices in the paper that Elizabeth Merriman, the president of the country club, was found dead on the beach. Victoria's head starts to spin and soon she and her sister-in-law are starting a new murder investigation.

In the few weeks that have past since the debut of this series, Sofia and Dan have been trying to work things out but in passing, Victoria finds it odd that her grandmother made a slip of the tongue when she mentioned the dead woman's name.

With this information, she confronts her and learns of Elizabeth's past and what could have led to her death. Armed with the information, Victoria thinks this would also fit well into the book she's writing.

Rosie Genova maintains the level of writing from the first installment and keeps the story going at an even pace. The characters are fun and once you're into the book you'll find that it is hard to put down.

You'll find a recipe for wedding soup at the end along with a couple others.


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