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Book Review: Town in a Pumpkin Bash by B.B. Haywood

Updated on November 7, 2014
Fourth installment of the Candy Holliday Mystery series
Fourth installment of the Candy Holliday Mystery series

Murder Comes Trick or Treating

Okay, enough with the festivals, B.B. Sure they add a nice background for an occasional story, but really all four installments thus far?

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, this installment, Town in a Pumpkin Bash is probably the best in the series so far. Why? The setting is fall and the best season of the year (at least in my opinion).

Halloween (and Candy's birthday) are a few days away and in an effort to make some additional money, Candy and her best friend Maggie are running a very small haunted hayride and roadside stand out at Mr. Gumm's pumpkin patch on a trial basis. Their little operation becomes a success until they discover a body.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I can go with the story since the body found is that of a previous character from the first installment with ties to one of the first murdered victims. If you've been reading my past reviews of the series thus far, I would advise you to read all of the installments at the same time.

Because events in this installment set up the next installment, I can say that Haywood does continue to begin each installment with the murder and then Candy's current column. I think throughout the book a column should be sprinkled in since it would make the series a little more interesting.

However, again the pace needs to be picked up and once the story is set up, I don't think all of the events need to be repeated. If need be, then it should be a "news" item in the paper. I've also enjoyed the character development of Wanda Boyle. She's really come a long way and brings freshness to the otherwise stale situations.

While Halloween is a few short months away, you can start planning some pumpkin dishes with the recipes included at the ending. However, I think instead of recipes, Haywood should have included decorating tips, since everyone seems to do more decorating for Halloween than Christmas.


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