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Book Review-Wonderfully Dysfunctional by Buffi Neal

Updated on March 15, 2013

Wonderfully Dysfunctional by Buffi Neal

Wonderfully Dysfunctional, It Must be Genetic, by Buffi Neal is non-fiction published by Bluerain Publishing, New Jersey 2012. This book communicates the relationships among four generations of women: Buffi Neal’s grandmother, her mother, Buffi and her daughter.

The book partially describes the life and death of Buffi’s grandmother, Marjorie Perry Russell who was known within the family as Mopsie. Mopsie was born into a wealthy family, related to Admiral Perry. In the 1930’s, as a teenager, Ms. Perry sailed to Japan and China. There is a newspaper clipping of the overseas voyage. The Perry family lost their fortune during the depression and Marjorie Perry had to struggle to earn a living throughout her life.

The book is also the autobiographical account of Buffi Neal. Buffi is a young woman, who through diligent work, endurance, genetically inherited intelligence and a sense of humor has managed to maintain a fruitful career and successful family life.

Buffi, her sister Randi and brother David lived with their father and mother on a kibbutz in Israel for two years during the 1970’s. After her parents divorce, Buffi lived in New Jersey with her siblings, a new step-father, a half brother Tony and half sister Tami. Her mother labored at different jobs to support the family. She taught them the meaning of hard work and perseverance through difficult times.

Buffi describes her divorce after ten years of marriage and the ups and downs raising two children as a single parent. She gives insightful, sad and humorous descriptions of the difficulties we all encounter in life. She reveals her inner feelings in the eulogy she writes at her grandmother’s passing.
There are nineteen chapters in the book. At the beginning of each chapter Buffi writes a philosophical quote. The title for Chapter Ten is Life Instructions. The quote is “Is it better to have something perfect that doesn’t fit or something imperfect that fits?” My answer to the quote is I rather have something imperfect that fits.

This book is both interesting and profound. The highest rating is five stars. This autobiographical account of the life of Buffi Neal is definitively five stars (*****). I highly recommend the book for the author’s words, philosophy and positive outlook on life. Wonderfully Dysfunctional by Buffi Neal is something perfect that fits.


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