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Book Review for the book The Monkey On My Back By Debbi Morgan

Updated on April 22, 2021
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The Monkey on My Back

The Monkey on My Back, a memoir by Debbi Morgan
The Monkey on My Back, a memoir by Debbi Morgan

Book Review for the book The Monkey On My Back by Debbi Morgan


The Monkey on My Back book by Debbi Morgan is a very interesting book. This hub on HubPages contains a book review for the book The Monkey On My Back by Debbi Morgan.

The human condition is an amazing and fascinating thing. No two people are the same, not even twins, not even conjoined twins! I have seen documentaries on adult conjoined twins literally fighting each other for their individuality and own space but that is a whole other subject.

The personal life experiences that encompass the soul of a person can be simply fascinating. What we are at the end of the day is all of our individual memories. Everything that we have been through in a lifetime.

For those who are transparent and willing to disclose the things that they have been through in their lives, they can really help to show others how to learn from their mistakes.

THE MONKEY ON MY BACK is a compelling autobiography

I truly enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies to learn more about the lives of fellow people walking the earth. The openness of others can be a true gift. Every life that I have read about has been an interesting one. That is for sure.

I purchased the book The Monkey On My Back to add to my book collection almost solely based on its title! In the moment, I was really feeling like I had a monkey on my own back as well. (Don’t get me started.) This book, The Monkey On My Back is an autobiography of a public figure, a famous African American soap opera actress, originally from North Carolina, Debbi Morgan.

Since the title of Debbi Morgan's book was resonating with me so much in the moment and I am an African American female myself as well as an avid reader, I just thought sure, I remember her. I’ll read Debbi Morgan's book. What is her story? I am going through so much. Maybe, reading a book like this will help me to remember that I am not alone. We all have difficulties going on in our lives. We all have monkeys on our backs.

I, myself, stopped watching soap operas many years ago but I did remember who this person, Debbi Morgan is. She had starred on the soap opera, All My Children.

Debbi Morgan writes very transparently in her book, The Monkey on My Back

The book The Monkey on My Back is written in a truly transparent style where the author reveals, whether sin or virtue, it will be shared with you the reader.

  • You the reader are her confessor in her writing that must have been truly cathartic for her.
  • Debbi Morgan writes about everything especially surrounding relationships, from first becoming sexually active to multiple marriages interrupted by infidelities.
  • Debbi Morgan discusses in a way that most actors and actresses in Hollywood are probably not willing to discuss, when you are a soap opera actress and have to rehearse intimate kissing and love scenes, you might develop a true attraction and chemistry with the actor that you play opposite to, even if you are married to someone else in real life.

[In relation to this reflection, very religious actor Kirk Cameron is an example of an actor that has mentioned that he currently will not kiss anyone other than his wife when he is acting in a film or television show (even though it is “just acting”).]

Needless to say, when I started reading this book, The Monkey On My Back by Debbi Morgan, it became one of those riveting books that was difficult to put down until you reach the end. Wow, the book, The Monkey on My Back was filled with so much high intense drama and scandal, it was much more than I expected or imagined!

In Debbi Morgan's book, THE MONKEY ON MY BACK

Debbi Morgan delves into discussing so many difficult subjects with true openness, including details of generational domestic violence in her family, being raped by her physician during an appointment and other things that happened to her. Some of it all was truly disturbing!

Much of the book The Monkey on My Back surrounds information about Debbi Morgan’s relationships with men including the difficulty she faced in trying to remain loyal and loving to a man that could have violent tendencies.

Charles S. Dutton was Debbi Morgan’s first husband, a gifted actor, he had also served time in prison for violent crime. She speaks a lot about him in the book.

In the last pages of her book and the dedications, Debbi Morgan gives much acknowledgement to her current husband and seems to be currently feeling genuinely loved and at peace with her current life circumstances.

As you walk through your life, do you ever feel like you have "a monkey on your back"?

Do you ever feel like you have "a monkey on your back"?

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Entertainment Tonight interview with Debbi Morgan

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