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Book Review of Relations by Pamela D. Beverly

Updated on January 31, 2013
Relations by Pamela D. Beverly
Relations by Pamela D. Beverly | Source

The book, “Relations”, was well written and I would recommend people to read the book. While this is the first book published by author, Pamela D. Beverly, she has a good grasp on how to tell a story. The plot was the usual love story of boy meets girl, boy chases girl, then boy gets the girl. Of course, the book goes through its storyline which has difficult times with a racially charged angle and the author created the emotions that felt genuine, the author could have possibly used her own feelings from past experiences.

The story's backdrop is around the East Coast, mainly Georgia and Washington, D.C. and this was interesting to me since I have mostly lived on the West Coast. The lives of the characters were quite different, with the main character, Frank Ellis, being involved with financial planning who gives seminars to create interest and generate new clients for his business, while Delilah Carpenter, the other main character works in an office situation which seems more mundane but it has its own cast of characters and issues associated with it.

While the main characters display the relationship between a black man and a white woman, the other characters in the story was Frank's best friend and his best friend's girlfriend which gives a slight contrast or a ying versus a yang with a white male with a black female to the story. The telling of the two men's past, their relationship and the strong bond between them was very moving at key points in the book. Frank's friend, Andy, is key to helping Frank since he doesn't have any real family to support him. Therefore, the author has given Frank support and guidance with his very close friends and they in turn acknowledge Frank's good side and some of his bad habits and tries to get him to change for the better.

For Delilah, she has the support of her family with her father, mother, and sister. But that is where the difficulties also gets created from her father's unwillingness to accept Frank. However, Delilah does get support from her mother and sister as well as a friend and co-worker at the company she works for. The dynamics of each of her relationships are telling and the message that is conveyed across from her side is strong and to the point which gives any reasonable person a good reason to understand her point of view.

As for the main characters and their adversity mostly with Delilah's father being prejudice and demeaning to Frank. The book builds on Frank and Delilah's relationship over time and while I thought the beginning of their relationship was more focused on the physical attraction between each of them. The author was then able to expand upon their relationship and the couple was able to cross over the difficulties of health, distance, and past relationships that came back into the picture. And through it all they struggle and work past each of them to get to the point of being able to be where they want to be, mainly with each other.


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