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Book Review For Commentary on Jesus Christ's True Identity, And A Psalm Of Okela.

Updated on August 20, 2012

Book Review

Commentary On Jesus Christ's True Identity
Commentary On Jesus Christ's True Identity | Source
A divinely Inspired prayer and praise book: Love the Almighty God With All Your Heart.
A divinely Inspired prayer and praise book: Love the Almighty God With All Your Heart. | Source

Book Review

People say the Anti-Christ' presence will mark the beginning of the Apocalypse, and we are waiting for this one person to arrive but what if the Anti-Christ is not a person but a behavior (Anti-Christian behavior). Meaning, well intention Christians are not obeying Christ' command to love the Most High God with all your heart. Praising and worshiping everything else but the Almighty God as the Almighty God. Doesn't that resemble something the devil planned and loves? It's time to wake up, and be joined back with the Almighty God.

These two books are exceptionally fun to read, and one can be classified as controversial and extremely thought provoking.

The commentary on Jesus Christ' True Identity is controversial and very thought provoking. It talks about the true identity of Christ and includes several comments from a few readers. Be warned that some comments might be a little upsetting and rude, nonetheless, they are included to show the authenticity of the authors intention to expose the deceitfulness that surrounds the church and it's practice. This book will certainly forever change your life for the best.

The second book, which is titled "A Psalm of Okela" is filled with beautiful, and powerful prayers and praises to the Almighty God. Prayers for healing, couples, Parents, our children, safety, and more. Both books can be previewed and/or purchased from and available on Kindle. Or, you can visit, which is an Amazon company, to purchase these wonderful books.


Commentary On Jesus Christ' true Identity.

This is a commentary about Jesus' true identity. Is Jesus the Almighty God or the Son of God or both?

Read this enlightening revelation about Jesus the Christ.

A Psalm Of Okela

Beautifully written prayer and praise book: Love the Most High God with all your Heart.

Okela King is a devout servant of the Most High God. He is also an award winning documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker and success coach. Mr. King's greatest love is the Almighty God.

Book Review


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