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Book Reviewers Wanted

Updated on June 12, 2013


Where do you want to review books?

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Are Book Reviewers Wanted?

Wanted: Book Reviewers

Book reviewers may be one of the most sought after writers on the web these days, but it wasn't always this way. It just recently happened to grow exponentially. Now it is easy to be a book reviewer and even easier to find a place to put your reviews. Although it still isn't easy to become a well renowned book reviewer. That takes skill, time, and dedication.

In the past finding a place to review books wasn't an easy task. Newspapers were the gatekeepers only publishing a few book reviews a day or even a week. Now book reviewers are needed everywhere on the web. Since blogs began anyone could be a book reviewer who could type words. It is no longer in the hands of the New York Times to decide what books are good and what books are worthless.

Book reviewers are wanted everywhere and you can become one anytime you want. Feel free to start writing because you can make an account on Hubpages and have your way with a book reviewing phenomenon. You can even make money doing it, not to mention the free books.

If you even start searching around at blogs the review books, many are looking for more reviewers and you are the one who can help them out. Offer your services and they may take them. Or you may need to go solo to start. You need to make sure they are worth your time. Do people even come to that website? Check the Alexa Ranking. If it isn't above 1 Million then they probably don't get many people coming to the site and you should pass on them. Find a blog with readers and you are more likely to build your own personal following.

Going solo is a great idea anyways. It is nice to have your own place to express yourself and your reviews where you aren't controlled by anyone else. You can write what you want when you want. You can get books for free (once you become popular) and even put up your own ad: Book Reviewers Wanted. It is a fun chance to take control of your own words and make a hobby into a part-time job.

Remember to create a personal following as well as a following on your blog. Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and anything else to get people to follow you personally in case you move around of change sites.

Engage your readers so they get to know you. I enjoy people I know well and like. Becoming a personal contact to people is better than being a distant celebrity for you and for them.

Remember that you should always try to have fun with your reviews when you get writing. Never take ti too serious or you'll start to hate reading. The day you start to hate reading will be a very sad day indeed.

Where is the best place you've seen Book Reviewers Wanted? What do you think is a good place to review books?



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      Ethan Digby-New 3 years ago

      This was a very interesting and useful Hub, thank you for the good information!