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Book Reviews on Paranormal Book Series

Updated on July 13, 2016

Why Review Series instead of one book at a time?

As an avid reader, there was a time when I reviewed books as I went along. As I started to read more and more series, I realized that this was an unfair practice with a book series because not all books in the series are going to be good. Some books are written as fillers, to fill in the story and some characters are just not that great, however, I have come to realize that these things do not take away from the series if the reader does not allow it to..

So here are a few series that I have read and finished and I would like to give my thoughts on them.

Thanks for letting me share!!

The Dark Protectors- Rebecca Zanetti

Vampires, shifters, witches, demons and more….

There are 10 books out in this series which included 3 novellas.

This series focuses on the Kayrs brothers, there are five of them altogether, Dage, Talen, Conn, Kane and Jase. They are the Royal family, Dage is the King of the Realm, the twist in this series is that the Royal family is always on the front line, they fight their own battles, they do not run and hide. Let us look at this fact that twist in itself is interesting because this was the first book that I read where the King is always on the front line… something to make you go hum…

Now these books are not your average vampire, find the strong heroine and that is that, no not at all. The first book in the series “Fated” is not about Dage (yes is a reason for this), even though he is the King, his book is not first. The first book is about Talen and his book is important because there is someone introduced in that book who is extremely important to the outcome of the series.

I always read a few reviews before I start a new book and I always read the good and the bad. So the most complaints I read about this book is that they did not like how the female heroine just sort of went along with what was going on after being ripped from her home. Now here is what I say to that, her number one goal was to protect her daughter and she knew that Talen was her best chance at that, and also there was a lot of negativity because of how the sexual chemistry was between the two (almost instantaneous). To that I will say, if you have complaints about any couple falling for each other super-fast in a paranormal book, then you shouldn’t be reading paranormal. This is not the first, nor will it be the last book that I have read where within the first 20-50 pages the two lead characters were already in love. I believe that with all of the paranormal books that the purpose is that their love is so strong because they are other factors at play, so of course they fall for each other quickly because they are made for each other so to speak.

Now I am not going to go book by book, nor will I give away spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the books and want to give them a try. I will be talking about them but hopefully I won’t spoil it for anyone.

What I like the most about the series is that each book picks up where the last one left off, the main character may not be the same, however, all the characters are still in all of the books and when writing a series that is important. Anyone who reads series one of the biggest complaints is that once you read one book, you never hear about those characters again, well not with this series. While each books focuses on one brother and his potential mate, they are all incorporated into the books and not just one liners.

So what is the basis of the story?

The five brothers are in the middle of a war with the demons and a species known as the Kurgans. Because Dage is the King of the Realm, the kurgans want him and his family gone, so they come up with a way to attack the brother’s mates, we see war, love, death, despair. This series has it all, we laugh, we cry, we sigh, and at the end we smile.

There is one thing that I was not happy about and that was the ending of the series, Ms. Zanetti’s leave the reader wondering is she going to write a novella giving us the update on what happened or is she going to do like a few of my other favorite authors and write a novella to branch us into these two story…

Now again, I will never give out spoilers because as an avid reader (I am talking at least 3 books per week), I hate when I read a review and it pretty much tells me the whole book.


Reading Order

1. Fated.

2. Claimed.

2.5. Tempted.

3. Hunted

4. Consumed.

5. Provoked

5.5 Twisted

6. Shadowed

6.5 Tamed

7. Marked

My Top Three

1. Marked

2. Shadowed

3. Fated.

The Seven Series by Dannika Dark

Shifters! Shifters! and more Shifters!

When I first got into the world of paranormal reading, I wasn’t that big on shifters, I got all caught up in the Vampire genre that I didn’t think to stretch and explore. Well, I ran across the Seven Series as a recommendation from Amazon and let me just say thank you Amazon!!

I absolutely loved this series.

This series is about the Cole brothers who happen to be Wolf shifters. There are six of them altogether and although Austin Cole is the youngest, he is also the Alpha. Austin returns to his hometown seven years after the tragic death of his best friend, who also happened to be the brother to Lexi, and yes of course Austin was secretly in love with Lexi.

What is the premise of this series?

It focuses on Austin and his brothers, affectionately dubbed as The Weston Pack, as they meet their mates and fight for their land. This series is about family, distrust, loyalty and love. It has it all and you will find yourself laughing and crying and rooting for The Weston Pack as they go through all the trial and tribulations associated with being shifters in a pack.

I love the family dynamics in this series, I have a very big family and I couldn’t imagine not being around them, where Lexi was concerned she was extremely close to her mother and her little sister and it warmed my heart how they were incorporated into her new world, I have read many books where the female lead had to choose between her human world and her new supernatural world, in the seven series, Lexi is able to keep both of her worlds and yes there is a reason for that.

So the last book of the series, One Second, just came out and I recently finished reading and concluding this series (although we will be getting a holiday novella so that we can spend the Christmas Holidays with one of our favorite shifter families).

I take my hat off to Ms. Dark when it comes to this series, she wrapped it up in a nice bow, and there are no loose ends in this book. All the questions that you have from the previous books in the series are wrapped up nice and neat in this final book in the series.

I loved all the Alpha males in this series and the females who wrapped them around their fingers.

This is the first official all shifter series that I have read and I can admit I am reluctant to read anymore only because I don’t want to be turned off by them when Ms. Dark has made me fall head over heels in love with The Cole Brothers, those sexy wolf shifters.

Austin of course is the Alpha and the pack master, Reno is the muscle of the family, while all of them are strong and able to fight and protect themselves and their family, Reno is the one who has the most experience, Jericho is the Rocker bad boy of the family, Wheeler and Ben are the twins and while the same, they are as different as night and day, and then there is the baby of the family Denver, the jokester, always ready to make you laugh.

I read the reviews of these books and as always I always look at some of the negative reviews to see what some people issues were with the books/series and here is what I am going to say to the people who said that Ms. Dark writes like a teenager with a wild imagination, well she is a writer, writing about all things paranormal, who would read it or even enjoy if it read like, I don’t know say a biography. To me the point of the paranormal series is to get lost in something that we all know is pretty much impossible in real life. I love the whole premise of the story and that includes the plot, I enjoyed the diamond thieves, supernatural kidnapping/adoption. To me, these are things that make a great paranormal series.

For all my readers out there looking for a shifter series but might be hesitant, I would highly suggest this series. Because of this series, I am looking forward to my next shifter series, what will it be, wolves, bears, dragons, who knows, the possibilities are endless!!!

Seven Series Reading Order

1. Seven Years

2. Six months

3. Five weeks

4. Four days

5. Three hours

6. Two minutes

7. One second

My top 3

1. Two minutes

2. One Second

3. Seven Years


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