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Book Summary- Become Your Own Matchmaker

Updated on February 7, 2016

Written primarily for women the book addresses the problems many women face in their quest to find a mate. Tips are given that all point the way towards negotiating a ring. The book helps women help themselves find a husband which is something that many women feel would be fulfilling for them. Many times women find themselves running around doing all that they have heard to do to "catch" a husband and this causes them to feel rather desperate in the process. This book will stop all that desperation and bring hope and help.

The author of the book is Patty Stanger. She is the star of The Millionaire Matchmaker which is a television show on Bravo. The show is very successful with Ms. Stanger telling men straight honest information about themselves and making them confront who they are. She is a successful matchmaker. Stanger is the president of the very exclusive Millionaire's Club, an elite matchmaking service.

Stanger lays out exactly what quality men want in a woman. She also shows women how to attract the best guys. She shows the formula for getting a dream man. She lays out a plan for getting into a committed, monogamous relationship in less than a year. This one year timeline is very important for Ms. Stanger and her clients.

The book is noteworthy in that it tells women exactly what to say. It also teaches what not to say either. This is useful as men and women often communicate differently and give each other mixed signals. There are actually scripts in the book that seem quite helpful. This is a good thing because some women get tongue tied and don't know what to say or worse- they blurt out the wrong thing.

It is useful to learn these tips from a seasoned professional matchmaker. Many times women have been given incorrect advice but this advice is time tested as Stanger is a third generation matchmaker. One of the best parts of the book is the part where Stanger tells all the best places to meet single men. A comprehensive list of places is provided.

Become Your Own Matchmaker teaches women to get taken seriously and get a commitment. It is easy to see that getting married takes a sort of negotiation. The book provides much needed strategies to help women achieve this. Getting married is a goal much more easily attained for those who have read this book.


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