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Book Summary- Bouncing Back

Updated on February 7, 2016

Life knocks people down in unexpected ways and sometimes people get stuck and cannot go forward. Many people do not have the knowledge and tools of how to recover from the trials of life. This book shows how to survive everything that life throws your way. Joan Rivers was the perfect person to explain how to recover from tragedy. She had an ultimately very successful life, but she did suffer from discouraging setbacks and even tragedies along the way.

The author of Bouncing Back was Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers was a bestselling author and legendary comedian. She presided over the popular show Fashion Police on the E! channel. She lived in New York but has passed away at this time. She was a very successful woman who had many businesses to showcase her great talent. She designed jewelry, had a talk show, wrote books, performed standup and had the show Fashion Police. She also had a show called In Bed With Joan that was seen on the Internet.

Bouncing Back shows how to get back on your feet after tragic losses. Friends are very important to this process. Therapy is also important. Of course, Joan Rivers also emphasizes how essential humor is. Her whole life was devoted to humor and making people laugh. Joan Rivers often said that she laughed at things in able to help people cope with and get over things.

Joan Rivers had a hard knock life. It was not easy to be one of the first women blazing a trail in comedy. It was certainly not easy as tragedy struck when she lost her night time talk show and her husband died. Yet she persevered and was a winner in life. Her life is a study in overcoming hard obstacles and determination to succeed.

Joan Rivers is a great inspiration to men and women alike. She was personally and professionally successful. She kept forcing herself back into her industry and was determined to succeed. She started over many times and sometimes felt aghast when she had to start all over from a more humbling position but she did it in order to stay in the game and rise up to the top of the heap again.

Bouncing Back is a book about perseverance. Joan Rivers tells her strategy for overcoming adversity. This would be good information for anyone to learn. Bouncing Back is a valuable book on survival.


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