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Book Summary- Chinese Cinderella

Updated on February 7, 2016

In the story Chinese Cinderella we learn that the little Chinese girl later named Adeline was constantly belittled and starved. However, she nevertheless pulled herself up to triumph over her situation. Her stepmother treated her horribly while spoiling her half-siblings. Adeline manages to triumph over this horrible situation.

The author of Chinese Cinderella is Adeline Yen Mah. She is a writer and physician. She lives in California. She supports the Falling Leaves Foundation.

This is the story of the author's difficult childhood. Her mother died giving birth to her. Then she got a stepmother who was very cruel to her. She never really got any love at all as a child although she was always a high achiever. Even those who were against her had to admit that she excelled in academics as a child. The child was wearing rags and had hardly enough to eat yet she always had top perfect grades in school and desired to be excellent.

This good book is interesting because it is a tale of overcoming hardship through excellence. Many of the things that happen in Adeline's childhood are totally unfair. Her life was one of total suffering and she was often hungry and humiliated. Yet she overcame those tremendous odds to become ultimately a physician and writer. It really shows that it is not the circumstances of the life that are important, rather the spirit of the person and what they are determined to do that will prevail.

Adeline was helped by her aunt who believed in her. She was also inspired to greatness by her grandfather. Because of his encouragement she entered a playwriting contest. Thank God for her grandfather and his encouraging words. Winning the contest saved her life. She totally focused upon the rules of the contest and did her very best and she won. This gave her more prestige in the eyes of her father.

It is sad when someone has to go through a hard childhood. Children are truly defenseless. Although Adeline was unwanted and treated poorly, she always excelled at everything she did. That is because her spirit of excellence came from inside and radiated out to her whole life, cancelling out any obstacles. This is something that a person can do when they become truly determined. That is one thing about the Cinderella types: they can get a castle and a prince and a fairy tale ending if they only persevere.


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