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Book Summary- Raquel Beyond the Cleavage

Updated on February 5, 2016

In Raquel Beyond the Cleavage, Welch explains how to age gracefully and make the most of your beauty. She gives advice about skincare, diet and exercise. If anyone should know tips about these areas it would be her. Welch is a legendary beauty whose appeal lives on in the minds of people everywhere. She did what she could to use her beauty and talent to make the best possible life for herself. She also explains what it takes to be a success in life generally.

This good book was authored by Raquel Welch. She is a television, film and stage actress. She has been a representative of M.A.C. Cosmetics and has starred in forty-five films. As a major motion picture star, Welch has a great deal to teach about success and overcoming hard challenges. She made it in a very competitive field when not very many women did and hung on there in order to always look good and be interesting to the public.

Raquel Welch describes how hard it was to break into Hollywood as a young single mother. Having two young children and being on your own was a real disadvantage during those times. It was difficult even to do such things as rent an apartment as a single mother. There was a terrible stigma. Single mothers were greatly discriminated against and it was supposed that something was wrong with them. Also, there was a lot of disrespect for actresses in general. She persisted and made her career despite the challenges.

Raquel Welch has a great deal to convey about the sixties and the freedom of the women's liberation movement. She lived it. she explains about the concept of ageism which means that in Hollywood it is difficult to get good roles after the age of forty. She feels that reaching age forty is a reason to celebrate not mourn.

Raquel Welch explains about menopause and how difficult it was for her. At the age of fifty she really had trouble including crying and energy plummeting. She had hormone replacement therapy which was very helpful to her. She also recommended yoga. Throughout the years Raquel Welch did yoga in order to stay young and healthy.

Raquel Welch continues to inspire women even after so many years. Her life was never easy, yet she became a major star. She also stayed an admirable woman through time. This is a good book as Raquel Welch's life is an inspiration to many.


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