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Book Summary Still Talking

Updated on February 7, 2016

Still Talking explains the story of Rivers life including her husband killing himself and Joan's low point. She survived and rebuilt her career piece by piece. Many people have had far fewer obstacles in front of them than Joan did and gave up long before. Joan never gave up and her career kept hitting new heights.

The author of Still Talking is Joan Rivers. She was the Queen of Comedy. She wrote many wildly popular books. She hosted award shows and was a legendary performer on the comedy circuit. She was also the author of stage and screenplays. Many people who saw Joan perform did not understand that she wrote her own material and they made the mistake of thinking she was a performer only when that was not the case.

Still Talking is about a very turbulent time in Joan Rivers life. She went from being extremely popular in business to being virtually unemployable. This is because her personal and professional lives seemed to plunge at the same time. On the professional side her late night talk show was plagued with problems. On the personal side, her husband Edgar Rosenburg killed himself. This came as a complete shock to her as she had not expected it and she had a young daughter to bring up.

After her life collapsed so totally it seemed that Joan would not be able to make a comeback. Joan would not be able to make a comeback. Yet miraculously she did. How she did so is a case study in persistence and diligence. Joan Rivers vision of herself as a star won out over adversity in the end.

Show business is very tough because material has to be continually fresh and relevant. The star has to stay constantly in the new to remain forefront in the minds of the people. Joan Rivers was hit by a ton of negativity both personally and professionally and all of it was reported in the press. Yet she achieved the impossible and salvaged her career and succeeded.

It is not easy to make it in show business. Even harder than that is continuing to stay on top. Despite having many hard knocks in her life, Joan Rivers managed to continually reinvent herself. When she was down she definitely did not stay down. She had certain situations that she felt were humiliating but she hung in there. It is a good lesson for everyone who wants to triumph in life.


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