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Book Summary- The Way of Aikido Life Lessons From an American Sensei

Updated on February 5, 2016

Have you been desiring to learn some sort of martial art? Perhaps you do not know which one to select. It is true that to the uninitiated novice, martial arts are all similar and it is tough to select one over the other without more knowledge. Maybe you would like to study Aikido. Aikido is a discipline that involves intense concentration and marries the physical with the spiritual. Aikido can be applied to daily life.

The author of The Way of Aikido is George Leonard. He has written several books on society, change and human potential. He is the co-owner of the Aikido of Tamalpais dojo in Milvalley California. He is also the president of Esalen Institute. He has been studying martial arts for many years and is at the level of a learned master, while still practicing and learning.

The book shares the philosophy of Aikido. The aim of Aikido is "the loving protection of all beings." The book also presents such concepts as centering, the butterfly effect and the modern samurai. The concept of zanshin or continuing awareness is also explained. There is a great deal to be explored in this good book.

It takes time and dedication to become an Aikido master. The path itself is more important than the ultimate result. Aikido presents lessons that are immediately applicable to life. By using Aikido principles it is possible to live life at a higher level. It is good to dedicate years to the study of Aikido and have great patience.

This book inspires the study and practice of Aikido. Through self mastery the master can turn violence into peace. Through compassion even for one's adversary everything is transcended. Through the process of centering one cannot be thrown off balance. The study of Aikido is a way of getting to a higher level and living a life of peace.

Aikido is a modern martial art well worth learning. Great results can be achieved by coming from a place of deep caring even for the attacker. Most people would think it was rather odd to care for their attacker. But if you really think about it the attacker is coming from a lower level of consciousness, hence the need or desire to attack in the first place. George Leonard shines a light on the mysterious discipline of Aikido. According to this good book, Aikido can be a lifelong pursuit with great benefits for everyday life.


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