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Book Summary- Yesterday Today Tomorrow My Life

Updated on February 5, 2016

If you are looking for a story of someone who triumphed over hard odds, look no further than Sophia Loren. Sophia Loren's childhood was one of poverty but she had high hopes and dreams. Her story is one of triumph as she transcended her struggles and became very successful. Sophia Loren ultimately became one of the most well-known women in the world.

The author of the work is Sophia Loren herself. She has won multiple awards for excellence in film, including an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Two Women. She has two sons and many grandchildren. She resides in Europe.

Sophia Loren was born in 1934 and grew up in Italy. She lived through World War II as a child and nearly starved to death. It is hard to overestimate how difficult life was for people in small Italian villages and towns during the war. Her mother was a single mother and she did have a sister she loved but the family really struggled badly. Sophia Loren's survival was by no means assured and she nearly died from hunger, like nearly every other child in the town during that time period. Suffering was everywhere. After the war, Sophia won a beauty pageant and went into photo romance magazines which was a new genre at the time.

The story of Sophia Loren's life has a rags to riches element that is very gripping. Everyone knows the luminous star that Sophia Loren became but not everyone knows that her life was not always easy. Later in life, her romance with her husband was a great love story. She fell in love with the producer Carlo Ponti and married him. She found it easy to fall in love with an older man and their happiness was the stuff of legends.

Anyone and everyone can be inspired by the life story of Sophia Loren. After all, she really knows what it is to suffer, yet she succeeded. She was very serious about her dreams. She worked hard to make her dreams real. Her beauty was great but it was really her hard work and determination that was responsible for her success in her career and life.

The life of Sophia Loren as recounted through Yesterday Today Tomorrow My Life is fascinating. She came from desperately poor beginnings. She had a dream though and that dream carried her far. It carried her all the way to love, fame and stardom.


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