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Book Writing and Me

Updated on June 16, 2010

 I love to write. (as I've expressed in recent hubs) I have journals full of writings. Years of journals might I add. Some of the writing is not my own personal writings either. Some of them are just filled with inspirational quotes and poems that touched me in a time when I've needed it most.

And yet the thought of writing a book on anything actually scares the crap out of me. The inspiration behind this hub is just that, writing a book. And for me writing a book is scary. What if no one will buy and read it? What if they do buy it and don't like it? What if it's not the quality of writing that I expect from myself? All these thoughts..... and yet I still haven't started that book. I, of all people, know that in order to achieve at anything means to sometimes fail in other areas. But writing is something that I just never want to fail in.

Now I'm not the dramatic, love story kind of writer. I'm never going to be a Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb or John Grisham. That's not my kind of writing. I like critic writing. I like to make fun of things. It's my sole personality. For example, I hate reality television. But I will watch it and be very critical of it then write about it. That's just the type of writing I like to do. I don't limit myself to that type of writing though. I also like inspirational quotes, poems, short stories etc. I like finding quotes and writing quotes that will exactly fit my mood for the time.

So what is stopping me from writing an inspirational quote/poem book or a critic book about reality television? Fear? Probably. I don't know if my writing has reached that sort of level as of yet. But then again, I'll never know unless I try right?


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    • profile image

      chasingcars 7 years ago

      You're preaching to the choir here; maybe we writers just use writing to learn about ourselves. That's actually not such a bad idea. So few really bother to try or are afraid to look into that abyss. Most of us are writing about those things we wish someone else would tell us, and we are balanced on the seesaw of reader/writer with a stronger emphasis on reader. Anyhow, some of us are story writers, others are essayists. We have to follow our talents, whatever they may be. Ta!