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Book is My Best Friend

Updated on January 26, 2017

Book is Knowledge

Book reading habit is very good habit
Book reading habit is very good habit | Source

Book is Knowledge Hub

Reading of books is the most ancient and the most effective means of getting knowledge. when a man meditates in solitariness, he develops religion, art and literature, science, technology and other. But a modern man is more gregarious and finds no time for meditation in solitariness.

There is a lowering of standard on all fronts. For improving ourselves we should read good books. It will change the nature of man. The goal of human life is spiritual fulfilment. Reading gives us joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Good reading gives us fefined ideas, emotions and excellence. The supreme creations of man are the masterpieces of world literature. They interpret our past and link us wi the great minds of the ancient era.

No tradition can be kept alive without the critical and creative changes and renewal which understanding can give. This is an age of scientific and technical revolution, the liberation of dependent countries, the growing unity of the world. we should develop scientific temper and outlook. we should read history of Asia and Africa.

Book tell us the inner unity among the diverse cultures. Good reading enables us to get rid of fear, suspicion, greed, jealousy it makes us kind, good and helpful. It helps us to create a better human society. Everything is temporary except truth, Beauty and loving kindness.


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