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Book review - Dune by Frank Herbert

Updated on June 15, 2011

This is the first book from a series that is world wide known as the Dune saga . In it, we first make acquaintance with both the prominent characters that are going to be key figures in most of the books and the universe created by the author .
The story begin by explaining the political context, with two major houses ( Atreides and Harkonnen ) involved in a blood feud that is going on for some time and the Empire ruled by a represent of House Corrino whose acts were driven only by the desire to accumulate more power. The stage is set on planet Arrakis - the most inhospitable planet that was known to man yet the target of all the houses for the wealth that was generated by the spice melange, a substance with rejuvenating capabilities and psychic stimulator.
The book primary focus on Paul Atreides, the prince of House Atreides and his interaction with different people that leads in the end to his ascension to the imperial throne as well as becoming a superior human been, capable of knowing the future of the human race. His quest begin simply by the desire to revenge of house Harkonnen who take actions of war against his own house, destroying most of it. During this process his own father die and the boy and his mother barely escape finding shelter to the natives from Dune, the fremen. After he gain the trust of natives he succeed to gain access to life experience of people from his past and to see the future, becoming the “Kwisatz Haderach” – the supreme being that was the result of a breeding program set millennium ago by a religious cult called Bene Gesserit . Eventually he succeed to overthrown the emperor itself, winning an important battle against the fearsome sardaukars, the elite corps that were the core of imperial army.
In my opinion the story is fascinating by its complexity. The avalanche of new concepts and the development of action that continuous unravel new aspects, new faction and add more depth to the story itself is mesmerizing. This is one book that fits in the " must read " category. The author magically combine treason, friendship, love, hate, personal ambition in a way that make reading the book a life time experience.


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