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Book review - God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

Updated on June 15, 2011

This is the fourth book from the Dune saga. 3,5 thousand years after Leto Atreides, one of the two twins of Paul Atreides took over the power of Empire from his aunt hands . Now his transformation in a sand worm is almost complete. He is the Emperor that ruled over this time ensuring that the Golden path, the course that he forced human kind to take after his vision is set. No one was able to challenge his reign although there was many who plotted against him in order to gain power. As the sand worms were on a brink of extinction because of his efforts of terraforming Dune, the only planet that sustained sand worms because it’s harsh environment he retains the spice under his control. With spice under his control the domination over humanity was complete. There is only one thing left for him to do, to assure that the path will be followed by the generations to come, even after his extinction .
This is the book from the series that is not following in particular on actions but is concentrated on God Emperor feelings and thoughts. He is so much more than a human being and all the same he is so much less. He is worshiped by the whole universe and yet he is sad about the incommensurable loss of his humanity. He choose to resurrect one of his best friends, Duncan Idaho, only to maintain a frail link with his past. The discussion with Siona in the desert illustrate best his state of mind after all this millenniums. And now he finally found someone who resonate with him. A soul mate design by his enemies in a last attempt to change the current state of events. At the end, all that is left to be done is the ultimate sacrifice, the final gesture in order to cement the Golden Path and ensure the survival of the human race.
Although it seems that opposed to the previous books this one is less remarkable the readers will find great pleasure in discovering the thoughts and feelings of a superior entity constrained in his actions by his own vision of the future of the human race.


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