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Book review - Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert

Updated on June 15, 2011

This is the fifth book from the Dune saga. 1,5 millenniums from the moment that the God Emperor of Dune, passed away leaving the human kind firmly set on the Golden Path. Now, a new threat emerge from Dispersion, a force that is about to crush the civilization from the Old Empire. Only a religious faction have the power to withstand such a formidable foe, but even a part of them look at the future battle as being a lost cause .

The fifth book is concentrating more on this particular religious faction, the role that is played by them in the galaxy and the way they deal with problems. As usual, key factors are human being breed and trained only to serve the higher purpose of this cult. The action is alert, all the factions implicated in the upcoming battle exchanging blows and making alliances with the purpose to gain an upper hand in the battle to come.

As the action goes on, the balance tend to incline to forces from Dispersion who unleashed brute force against planet Dune, obliterating all the forces that protected it in spite of courageous defense put up by the military leader of this religious faction . Still, the actions are only a part from the strategy who is suppose to prevail at the end of their struggle against their oppressors.

The book keeps you alert until the end. Beautifully contoured characters and a plot line masterfully guided to an unexpected outcome are ingredients of another exquisite masterpiece from Dune saga.


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