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Book review - The Game - Neil Strauss

Updated on March 7, 2010

The Game is a book written by Neil Strauss. An average looking, not too successful with women, journalist. Until an editor gave him the assignment to look into the world of the Pick-Up Artists (PUAs). As he learned a new approach to women, and became a very successful PUA nicknamed Style, his life changed beyond imagination. And, being a journalist, he has now decided to write about this strange and fascinating world, and to share his experiences. For two years he followed every leader and star in the community and learned everything he could. Until he himself became a leader. He shows you it’s not necessary to be rich or good-looking to pick up and sleep with every women you want. He shows how easy it is to seduce women, even if they have boyfriends or husbands.

I met several women who started reading this book and put it away, because they did not like what they read. I guess it is not an image of men, that us ladies like. But all the men I talked to were very enthusiastic, and some said they were successfully implementing some of the techniques. This intrigued me, so I decided to read it and see what all the fuss was about. The book is not too woman friendly, but it provided an interesting look into the male psychology. And it revealed how easy it apparently is to get a girl to come home with you. At times it is hard to believe everything in the book is true and actually happened. But on the other hand, we all know some men are ruthless predators.

The book reads as a novel, but in the mean time it is also a study guide, educating the reader in picking up women. The book starts the day he entered this world, and ends the day he left. It is a chronological tale of all he learned and all his experiences. The story can be a bit slow sometimes, but for the most part it is just right. It is interesting to read a book about people with nicknames only. Neil Strauss tends to turn some of his characters (all real people, as it is a true story) into one dimensional caricatures. Like the unstable Master pickup artist Mystery, his first mentor, or the power hungry Tyler Durden.

The more you get to the end of the book, the more negative Neil Strauss gets about the world of the Pick-Up Artists. For the female readers it is nice to find out there is more to men than just chasing girls. For the men, it seems to be a warning not to get too caught up in it. Although he does impart all his wisdom before that, so if you want to, you can try every pick up trick in the community.

Definitely read this book, if you get the chance It is an interesting insight into a world you could have never imagined existed. For men, it also has some great pointers on how to pick up women. For women it has some nice psychological analyses of how the male mind works and to what length they will go for some female attention. And of course, they can learn to arm themselves against some of the pick-up tricks of a PUA.

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