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Book Review - the Mahabharata Secret by Christopher C. Doyle

Updated on September 22, 2018
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Vipul is an enthusiast reader and shows special interest in history and mythology.

Book review – The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher C. Doyle

The Mahabharata Secret is a book that will take you on a journey to a secret found 2300 years ago! The book is about a mythological secret which is fantastically engraved in a work of fiction. The author wants to tell his audience about this secret through a fictional story which keeps the audience engaged and on the edge with every chapter passing by. I, as a reader, yearned for more and finished this book almost in 3 days! I must appreciate the author for his extensive research and forming an adventurous tale around it altogether.

The story has been narrated as follows.

In 244 BC, Ashoka the Great sent one of courtiers Surasen to unearth a secret which belonged to the time of Mahabharata – a secret which could be a potential threat to the mankind.

Ashoka the Great
Ashoka the Great

Judging the perils of keeping the secret open to public, Ashoka formed a group of nine anonymous members and named it ‘Brotherhood’. He also instructed them to keep the secret safe wherever it is and also ensure that none of the members gets access to it.

The members of the brotherhood kept with them different parts of the clues that could lead to the ultimate secret hidden somewhere in the hills of Sitagarh.

As time passed by, members of the brotherhood kept on changing as heirs were passed the baton but the number of members remained nine.

In 2001, Taliban, former rulers of Afghanistan, caught hold of one of the clues to the secrets in one the caves hidden behind the Buddha carving. One of the Talibanis sold the clues including a metal disk, a key and inscriptions to one the new members of the brotherhood considering the clues useless but expensive.


When the new member received the clues, he betrayed the brotherhood and murdered all of its members including the last member and fellow nuclear scientist Vikram Singh because as per the code of brotherhood, all the clues possessed by the deceased member passes on to the remaining members.

He later joined LeT and came in contact with some big shots with whom he planned to destabilise the governments of member countries of G20 with the help of the secret!

Before dying, Vikram Singh passed information about clues to his nephew Vijay Singh in the form of some emails with the objective of passing the baton of the brotherhood. As soon as Vijay Singh received the emails, he, along with his friends, ventured on to discover the secret only to realize that they were being followed by LeT terrorists with the same objective.

Vijay Singh and his friends
Vijay Singh and his friends

Meanwhile, Intelligence Bureau came to know about the plans of LeT and big shots and interrupted their mission. In the later part of the story, the secret got destroyed during the cross firing between LeT militants and Indian army commandos.

Intelligence Bureau with group of commandos
Intelligence Bureau with group of commandos

Vijay Singh found another secret within his uncle’s home and realized that the emails were not an invitation to discover the secret but an invitation to join the brotherhood and safeguard the secret.

Overall, The Mahabharata Secret is an action-packed adventure which will take the readers on a treasure hunt never seen before!

© 2018 Vipul Kumar


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      7 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Sounds like a good book. Thankyou for the interesting article.


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