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The Vanished Man by Jeffery Deaver - Book Review

Updated on January 31, 2009

Amelia Sachs and Lincoln Rhyme are back from the bestselling author novels by Jeffery Deaver. When an innocent student is murdered and in a very unusual way the police know that they are dealing with a master killer. But, how will they catch him? They can't, nobody can. You see this isn't a normal killer, this killer happens to be a magician, and how do you catch a magician when he just disappears?


Here is the book cover.
Here is the book cover.

The Vanished Man. Part of an awesome and gripping series by Jeffery Deaver.

The vanished man is highly addictive. If you love mysteries this is especially for you. One second you will think that the killer will be doing something or you know exactly who the killer is, but wait now you are exactly wrong, the world just tipped and you are left thinking " how can I be wrong, the evidence is right infront of me" But, NO. It's a little thing called "misdirection", one can 'force' you to think its something or somewhere or someone but in truth it's completely opposite.

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What I liked:


I loved the vanished man because of how suspenceful it is. The gripping, and longing to know what happens next just keeps you reading. Now I understand why it is one of his best selling books.


Here are a few other books by the same author:The Broken Window, The Sleeping Doll and The Chopin Manuscript.


Other related books:

There are other related books on magic such as Black Magic Woman. This is a clip of the review by Justin Gastainis .

"Quincey Morris isn’t your typical private investigator. For one thing, he happens to be a straight descendant of Bram Stoker’s Quincey Morris. He also specializes in supernatural cases involving vampires, werewolves, succubis, and other terrifying beings." ~ Justin Gastainis ~


I'll try to add more later.

Enjoy reading.





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