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Simple money saving technique for books lovers - Book exchange with other readers

Updated on September 4, 2014

I love reading. If there is nothing to do I rather take a book, drink coffee and spend my time away. However, over the course book buying have become an expensive affair for me. After lot of searching I found two great websites that I highly recommend to those book lovers who are dying to read books but is sadly not available or is tad bit expensive.


Book mooch

This site is free and easy to use. You have to register around ten books to earn ten points and then you can request for books that you want. However, be aware that if you are requesting from other country the point deducted for each book is three. If your request for book is from same country only one point is deducted. If anyone asks books from your inventory then you get three or one point credit depending on whether the request is from same country or different country. If you don't want to receive request from other country you can do the changes in the setting. You can create your wishlist of books that you want to read and if any members of bookmooch makes it available you will get an alert email. Now the cost of using this website is only postage cost you have to bear to post the books you have accepted to send. The site is easy to use and the best of all its free. The kind of books I usually want to read is from other country but hey I have received some point donations from other members and also I have sent the books I dont want to keep to other countries. That has kept me afloat. Also another point is all those books piling up in your room and you dont want to can register it in your inventory and dont worry you will always find someone wanting to read those books. If you want to send book marks and postcards of bookmooch you can do so on their websites. I have received two or three bookmarks and postcards through some of the readers and I must admit I really like them. Last advice - please describe the books that you have listed under your inventory correctly. The feedback from the person whom you have sent matters a lot.

Register here:


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Book crossing

I love book crossing too. To get best service I am sticking to only two websites to get books from others. I use book crossing and book mooch together. Sometimes, the members of book mooch doesn't want to send to other country so I have to go to book crossing and ask the members if they want to send the book in their inventory to me. I love this website but I don't use it as much as book mooch. Book crossing is the other alternative which is used if I am dying to read it and having dreams of reading it. You know that crazy phase you get into where you want to read it NOW but you cant find it anywhere. Like the time I so badly wanted to read Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and there was none registered in book mooch. I requested a member from book crossing and voila it was in my hand after two weeks. Sheer bliss I tell you. After that I have received couple of books from bookmooch with book crossing number. You just put in that number in the book crossing website and enter the journal of the book - basically it tells where the book have been caught and of course write the review on whether you liked it or not. Its amazing when you read the journal of the book and follow the book journey from different country and places.

Register here if you want:



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