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Review of stone of tears (by Terry Goodkind)

Updated on February 21, 2016

To start this review I personaly think the stone of tears is a brilliant book with an interesting plot. It is the second book in the series of The Sword Of Truth. It follows a man called Richard Cypher and his girlfriend Kahlan Amnell the Mother Confessor.

A Comfessor has the power to control men from a touch. The have some control over their power but can't have a relationship with anyone without at one point taking control over them. By the end of the first book Richard finds a way to protect himself from her Magic. The book starts off with Rachel a young girl adopted by Chase In a forest indoors(yes it sounds crazy to me two). Case is talking to a wizard of the first order called Zedd. Rachel sees something in the dark but Case and Zedd ignore her. The shadow comes out to be a Screeling. A beast that works for the Keeper(a being that takes the souls of the dead). They escape by running to a lake pushing him in and making Zedd freeze The ice so that D'Haran soldiers could cut the screening into little chunks as that is the only way to kill a Screeling.

During this Richard, Kahlan and a mud boy Siddin. The mud people are a tribe of humans who hunt and talk to their ancestors by rubbing a frog on their body. when they are there Richard proposed to Kahlan and Richard started to have headaches that only cleared when he was fighting or shooting an arrow. Comes out he is a wizard and these there women called The Sisters Of Light that said that if he didn't come with them he will die. they said they would give him three chances to go with them but he didn't want to because he would have to wear a collar which if you read book two you would know that he was almost driven to insanity from Denna .He also stoped a war that was almost caused when a tribe called the Bantak was about to attack the mud people. He stops it by making them think he is a trained wizard.but before that He was attacked by a Screeling but Kalan used her blood rage and with Richard and his Sword Of Truth. He also meet Shota and she said that the Vail (a prision for the Keeper) is ripped and only he can fix it. I will leave the rest for you to read.

Overall I think this is a great book and that I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Harry Potter. It is also a very long book with 1056 pages. I wouldn't recommend this to a person who hates to read long storys. I find this the only problem with this book and I would say to give this whole series a chance and read one of the books

written by Dylan Drea the book reviewer

My Rating

4 stars for Stone of tears

© 2016 Dylan Drea


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