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Bookbinding Instructions

Updated on December 7, 2008

Need to Repair Some Much Loved Books?

I have always had a great love of books and now I can repair some of my much loved volumes with a minimum of fuss so that they can remain in my library for many more years. Does this sound familiar?

The simplest bookbinding instructions I can share with you are for repairing loose pages in a paperback. So lets get started......

You'll need some wax paper strips, tacky glue (from craft shops), a couple of toothpicks, a clean cloth and some heavy books.

Step 1 - Open the book to where the page/s belong then place a thin strip of glue along the spine. This is sometimes easier to do with a toothpick dipped in the glue than directly from the glue container.

Step 2. Line up the edges of the loose page with the adjacent pages and carefully press the remaining edge onto the glue at the spine.

Step 3. Place a strip of wax paper on either side of the glued edge (to stop any glue from joining the next pages as well!), close the book and wipe away any excess glue from the top and bottom of the book with the cloth.

  Step 4. Place your repaired book under a few heavy books until the glue dries (at least 3 hours)

In the next installment, I'll go through the easy steps to replacing a loose or missing cover on a paperback. 


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