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What Makes a Website a Good Book Review Site?

Updated on June 12, 2013

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What is a good book review site?

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What makes a website a good book review site?

There are hundreds of sites that make could be good book review sites. How do you choose? What makes you decide which site is the book review site for you? You need to think about who the writer is, what genre the website is, the ability to give feedback, and how popular the site it.

Who's the Author?

For many of us it depends who is writing the review that helps determine if we are going to read the book. Are you more likely to listen to Agatha Christie's book review or John Jones? Unless John Jones is a real popular person who I just didn't make up, you are probably going to listen to Agatha Christie. If you have a reputation, writing book reviews is easier since people trust your word (Paris Hilton excluded). I listen to people I trust when choosing a book, especially if their last recommendation was something I loved. There are so many good book review sites with popular writers that you should be able to find one you relate with.

What's the Genre?

This may be more important for you than any other area: The genre. I don't want to read romance, it isn't my thing. I want to read Game of Thrones, Historical Fiction, or something about real lives. I don't like romance. Find me a good book review site about this and I am in. There are so many websites doing reviews you are sure to find 5 – 10 with quality reviews about books you want to get your hands on. Just take a look through Google and you are sure to find a winner.

Does My Opinion Matter?

What if I read the book and the review was wrong. Can I voice my opinion? Can I give back to the person who offered me the garbage that I just read?

To me this is the most important point. Sometimes I like to give back so much that I can actually make a difference. I want my review and my opinion to change the minds of the people around me. Sometimes I can do this in the comments section of a good book review site, but sometimes there are no places to be able to do this.

For all this reason Bookkus is my favourite good book review site. I like having my opinion matter. They let me choose which books are published are not and I can choose a book based on other people’s reviews. I also get to read some great new stories and help some new authors. Now that feels good. Most of my friends like Goodreads though and some even like Wattpad. I recommend checking them all out to make an informed decision.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I went to the site you linked to and tried to sign up but the captcha box was not displayed with no captcha code to enter so it kept rejecting me.

      I sent them and email notifying them of this problem however I wanted to make you aware of it as your link is useless if no one can sign up or create an account, it makes them seem less than professional.