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Books About Vampires That Don't Totally Suck

Updated on November 1, 2012

Real Vampires

I'd like to start off by saying that I found the first Twilight book mildly entertaining up until the scene Edward allows Bella to see him in the sunlight. I couldn't help snorting and saying, "Really? His skin sparkles?" He didn't necessarily have to turn into dust or anything, but glittering skin is so not what I've grown used to in other vampire series. Vampires are supposed to be as frightening as they are sexually appealing, that is the whole point in my opinion. Edward Cullen and his sparkly little friends just don't say 'vampire' to me.

Bram Stoker

In 1897 Irish novelist Bram Stoker published the book Dracula, about a young English lawyer named Jonathan Harker who travels to Castle Dracula in the Eastern European country of Transylvania. When he arrives in Transylvania the peasants in the nearby village try to warn him about "vampires" and give him charms and crucifixes for his protection. When Harker arrives at the castle, Dracula seems like a well-spoken and gracious host. After a few days, however, Harker suspects his host is not who he appears to be and the plot takes a thrilling and suspenseful turn.

This classic representation of the vampire as a bloodthirsty beast which also possessed a supernatural grace and charm, essential for luring in unsuspecting victims, would be the blueprint for other writers who wished to delve into the dark world of the undead.

Anne Rice

On April 12, 1976, author Anne Rice released the book Interview With a Vampire. It takes place in 1970s America and is about an interviewer described only as "the boy" who listens to a vampire named Louis tell his life story. He starts by describing how he came to be a vampire 1791, by exchanging blood with a vampire named Lestat. Louis continues tell about his centuries-long life with Lestat, including details about the necessary activity of seeking out human victims to drain their blood and sustain the lives of the vampires.

Anne Rice also wrote several other vampire novels, including The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned.

Jean Kalogridis

In 1995, Jean Kalogridis published the first in a brilliant trilogy, The Covenant With the Vampire (Diaries of the Family Dracul). It's a first person, well actually a several person, narrative about Dracula's great nephew Arkady and what happens when he uncovers the dark truth about his uncle and his power over the entire family. The story is told through diary entries of all of the family members, including Dracula himself.

These books are much more erotic than the Anne Rice books and also have some pretty gory and gruesome scenes of violence so don't read them unless you're ready to have some pretty graphic images in your head.


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    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Hi Dawn, thanks for the follow. I'm not usually a 'vampire person' (my wife is) but I was drawn maybe as much by your words as well as your style and found this to be interesting. Also voted up and shared...

    • AhalitaMoonfire profile image

      AhalitaMoonfire 5 years ago from Ohio

      I couldn't agree more on the ordeal with the Twilight Vampires... it just ruins the whole Paranormal world of the Vampires... they are suppose to be stunningly beautiful in a sense, and/or as well as terrifyingly scary. Not all Vampires these days take on that scary rule like they had back in the day, but they sure as hell don’t come out in the daylight and sparkle! If they go out in the daylight, it is either because they are forced to, too be killed, or they walk out there to end their own life after many centuries of living. If they go out in the sunlight in my opinion they either need to start to burn/fry, burst into flame, or just puff they are dust.

      Besides that, other good books to read on vampires, would be the ‘Midnight Breed’ by Lara Adrian and ‘Anita Vampire Hunter’ by Laurell K Haeiliton.


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