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Books About Vengeful Women

Updated on August 5, 2012

There have many books and films about vengeful men and women, however, most of the best such books are of women on revenge against a man who did them wrong. Usually the formula is a victimized women who turns to violence. The visual impact of Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" and how she handles men is so classic as an erotic thriller, this movie remains hard to beat.

Charles Dickens, who wrote Great Expectations in 1861, created Miss Haversham, which remains today, one the most interesting vengeful women on the verge of diabolical against men. She is complex and hard for a man to "read" and what she does to "get back" at men just because she was "jilted" verges on derangement. Makes a fascinating movie and book.

Dirty Weekend (1991) by Helen Zahawi, has a vengeful heroine that many females easily identify with as she is the subject of a serial killer stalker. Bella is her name and one that killer had wished he had never messed with. Bella uses violence against violence much like a girl with the dragon tattoo.

In The Weight of Water (1997), author Anita Shreve weaves a story based on historical face in 1873. Two women are murdered. A man is charged and convicted for them. He is executed. Later, he is found to be innocent. A century passes and a diary is found revealing the vengeful person was a woman.

Weird Sister (1999) is about how Agnes Samuel, an American visiting Warboys, England, that has a history of witchcraft. After she is seen by Jenny Throckmorton, having sex with a villager, the vengeful Agnes is pure evil to silence her. Think, son of The Exorcist.

If you know of any great books along similar lines, let us know!


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      YES! a great movie!

    • bankscottage profile image

      Mark Shulkosky 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I don't know if it was a book, but I like the 1999 movie "Double Jeopardy" with Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd with a similar theme. A young wife is framed for her husband's "murder". she serves her time, hunts him down and then really kills him. You can't be charged for the same crime twice, 'sends chills all up and down your spine.'


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