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Books Designed For Deaf Children

Updated on July 21, 2011

Creating Our Own Books

After searching for books designed for deaf children and not finding any that were specifically produced for the deaf, I decided to create my own series of books and ASL DVDs to accompany them. I had written and illustrated books before, and previously worked as an artist for a company that produced educational books for school children. I started by creating three coloring books for Sunday schools, and hoped to make ASL DVDs to go with them. My granddaughter, who is deaf, helped me make a sample DVD in sign language, and I was able to find a company willing to donate their time to professionally film the DVD. Later, with the help of my sister, Dianne--also a writer and artist---we developed a series of educational, and inspirational story books that will have DVDs in ASL-American Sign Language- to go with them. Dianne wrote the first of our "A to Z" series, "Animals A to Z", and I illustrated it. She did this while fighting her own battle with cancer--for she was always thinking of others, and what she could do to help.

The Sign Language Communication Learning Center

Dianne passed away, from cancer, before we accomplished all our dreams together, but her help with the creation of two books for our series will educate and inspire many children for years to come. For this reason, and in her memory, I decided to make our work together part of a non-profit organization--rather than making any money from our books--that way any books sold will go to produce more books and educational materials for these children that need sign language, and honor her part in helping to make this possible. The organization is called "The Sign Language Communication Learning Center", and it was established for the purpose of providing educational materials for deaf and handicapped that use sign language. One day, we hope to donate copies of all the DVDs we create to libraries throughout the country, and begin comparable "Visual Book" libraries for the deaf, as there are now "Audio Book" libraries for the blind everywhere.

I have asked myself, many times, why has this not been done before? Why is nothing available in ASL for the deaf in most of our libraries now? Maybe, some states have something--so please let me know if you can find any library that does. Our goal is that one day every library in our country will have a section of ASL DVDs or videos for our signing deaf.


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    • signgirl profile image

      Carol Hill 6 years ago from Palmetto, Florida and Herriman Utah

      Thanks so much for your interest. I will post the information on the one book (which is printed now) as soon as the DVD in ASL is completed.

    • profile image

      Jemma M. Smith 6 years ago

      Signgirl, kudos to you and your sister for following your heart and passion in helping deaf children & people everywhere.

      I have deaf relatives in my family and know how they have struggled. More needs to be done. Where do we get your books? Big Thanks to you!