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Reading Suggestions for Books Set In Georgia

Updated on October 18, 2010


There are many things that Georgia is known for. Whether it is the Southern charm of Savannah, the city life of Atlanta or Athens, foods like peaches, Vidalia onions, grits and shrimp, mountain areas like Helen or being the starting point of the renowned Appalachian Trail there is much to be said about Georgia.  And with such colorful characters, beautiful countryside and the hustle and bustle of its cities, it is no wonder that Georgia authors  have never had to look far for anecdotes and fascinating characters to write about. If you are looking for some interesting reading about Georgia, then consider these books:

  • Books by Eugenia Price are all set in Savannah and the surrounding areas during the Civil War. You can follow the family’s history and learn how The War affected them and the land they loved. Title include: Beloved Invader, The Lighthouse, and New Moon Rising as well as many others.
  • Gone With the Wind- No list of books about Georgia would be complete without mentioning this book  by Margaret Mitchell that has inspired not only the famed movie, but  parks (see Dunwoody Gardens in Newnan, Georgia),  dolls, dances, and estates (the Barnsley Gardens). However, don’t just settle for the movie version, be sure to take time to actually read the novel as it has a better story line and provides better detail than the movie (big surprise!)
  • Endangered Species by Nevada Barr- this book is set on the Cumberland Island where the author worked for sometime as a Park Ranger. You will find the story (a mystery) to hold your attention as well as introduce to the delights of the area.
  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt-Set in Savannah, the non-fiction novel is based loosely after a real case; the court trail is focused on someone being tried for 4 homicides.  A movie was later made by the same name and starred Clint Eastwood.
  • Old Dogs And Children and Dairy Queen Days by Robert Inman- these books are set in Georgia and share their character’s struggles and triumphs all while painting a intricate picture of the South.

·         Charles Martin’s Chasing Fireflies which takes place in Brunswick; the story Where the River Ends uses the backdrop of the regions along the coastal St. Mary's River, and Crickets Cry is set in North Georgia by the beautiful Lake Burton. His writing is both informative and descriptive giving one a sense that they are “right there”.

While this list is woefully short in regards to the numerous books that have been set in Georgia, these will at least get you going in the right direction. So, whether you plan on visiting Georgia and want to do a little background reading or merely looking for some new reading material, these books are sure to introduce to the people and lands of Georgia.


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