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Books Worth Reading Ever

Updated on January 17, 2011
Books Worth Reading Ever
Books Worth Reading Ever

Books Worth Reading Ever

Here I offer you guys a list of the most worth reading books. Rather than read them before you die, I recommend the books for you to read ASAP if they do fit your taste, because you must be hunger for something when you come to this page, that's just what I am gonna show you. I love reading, while I am always reading for certain purposes. I don't read trash stuff to kill time.

Show Time comes.

What Do You Usually Read Books For?

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Rich Dad Poor Dad —— A Book that Changed My Life

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That was the day I was busy preparing for GRE. My classmate, who later becomes my wife, Angela just showed me this book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. I thought it was just a book telling people how to make a million dollars or something alike. But she insisted that I read it thru. I just did. That day just changed my life. I made a decision, forget about GRE, and started to study economy. That book brought me to a whole new world. A great book.

The concept it teaches you is great, never heard before. It'll be a great loss if you miss the chance reading it thru.


What is Your Interest about Books?

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the Art of War
the Art of War

the Art of War —— Best War Book Ever

The Greatest War Book, the Bible of War.

Written By Sun Tzu, a great Chinese marshall 2000 years ago. His Horrible strategies can overwhelm anything. I use that book as my mouse pad. When I feel tired working on the computer, I will take that book out and read it. It'll take your years to thoroughly apply everything written on that book. The greatest war book ever!

Wealth of Nations
Wealth of Nations

Wealth of Nations

By Adam Smith

This book tells you how the capitalism works to build up the wealth of nations. Anyone would be interested in his capitalism core theories. Great book.

the Prince
the Prince

the Prince —— Best Political Book Ever

By Niccolo Machiavelli

Besides the Art of War, you'll need to read thru the Prince, the Best Political Book Ever. Wait! Does that political book have anything to do with me? Definitely. If you are not involved in any political issue or warfare, you might also meet with complex relationship difficult to deal with, this book is the solution.

You'll find answers to

  • How to Protect Yourself?
  • How to Beat the enemy that's stronger than you?


Holy Bible
Holy Bible

Holy Bible —— Best Book of All Kinds Ever

 Including both the old and new testament.

  • You need to read this book even you are not a Christian.
  • This is a history & philosophy book rather than a mythology book
  • God told us the code of social relationship we humans are supposed to obay in this book.

Security Analysis
Security Analysis

Security Analysis —— Best Security Investing Book Ever

By Benjamin Graham & David Dodd

This is the best security investing book ever existed. More than 800 pages, still it's worth reading every single page. I've written separate hubs just about security analysis, please visit the links provided above to know more.

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the Best Book to Lose Weight
the Best Book to Lose Weight

the Best Book to Lose Weight

 Here I personally wrote a hub about how to lose weight the natural way, totally free to read.


Best Affiliate Marketing Books
Best Affiliate Marketing Books

Best Affiliate Marketing Books

Best SEO Book

Best PPC Book

Useful Hub about Affiliate Marketing

Best Book for Job Hunting Ever
Best Book for Job Hunting Ever

Best Book for Job Hunting Ever

Totally Free Online Book for You


Best Books for a Quality Life Ever
Best Books for a Quality Life Ever

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    • profile image

      tom cruise 

      8 years ago

      havent you read iboy

    • bugslady8949 profile image


      9 years ago from The Bahamas

      you did a great list of books. I am planning to read some computer books and the prince. I love Jane Austin books.

    • wARtist profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from China

      I'm trying to list more books I read before which I think worth reading ever.

      What is your favorite book list, Satomko?

    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 

      11 years ago from Macon, GA

      Good list. I think, though, Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes gives The Prince a run for it's money, and for weight loss a close second is surely Skinny Bitch.

      Keep up the good work.


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