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Books You Should Write

Updated on April 23, 2011

I was thinking one day...

If you haven't noticed, there is no shortage of strange thoughts around here!

So my latest and greatest thought was, "I wonder if there is a list of books or articles that have never been written? Or a list of things that should be written."

I wasn't sure if anyone else had considered the notion before, or if it was a silly thought, but where it took me turned out to be very interesting and I wanted to share the adventure with you. My first stop ended up being the Uncyclopedia Wiki here 

In this wiki stub, it goes over a list of books that are not found on the government patent list. Books that would likely be million dollar babies for the person who can write them. They definitely aren't easy, but they look like interesting challenges to take on.

The first - Why Bad Things Happen to Good People, And How To Prevent It.

What a book to write! Can you believe that no one has written to that title yet? If they have, they never officially published it, and it's a topic so subjective that you could take several angles to get the book written. If you're feeling brave, make this your best seller!

Another great one on the Uncyclopedia list:  Reducing Human Stupidity For Dummies

If the author of this wiki is credible at all, then this title could bring you some big bucks if you can manage to do it. I love the challenge, but I don't know if I could write a book to help others reduce human stupidity. It certainly is needed!

Why not try..... A Dissertation on the Virtues of Mooning?

Okay, so it's not the most adult topic, but it certainly could be a winning book. Everybody is a philosopher. Why not bring out your inner child and describe for the world the philosophy of showing your full moon in various situations?

There are several other interesting ideas on this uncyclopedia page, though I agree that several of them should maybe remain off the selves....

Squidoo Me

I recently became a fan of Squidoo. There are lots of interesting articles on there, and especially this one since it pertains to the topic I'm writing about.

According to this lens, my thought was definitely not unique. Looks like there have been over four million other worldly bodies whom have had the same thought. Cool!

This squidoo lens shows some interesting titles that you might try out. Some of my favorites:

The Case of the Poisoned Doughnut   feeling fictional?

The General History of Labyrinths

A Moral Dustbin

Who Is This God Person Anyways?

The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetable

Funny Non-Titles

Quiet a few of these had me chortling to myself. I think you'll find them appealing as well. I'll make sure to keep my eye out for the person that captures at least one of these titles.

Eating For Dummies

Living Life to Adequacy

Zen and the Art of Toaster Repair

Moby Dick II: Resurrection

We can thank  for these interesting non-titles.

Make sure to spend some more time exploring books, articles and reports that have yet to be published. One non-book might very well become your first bestseller!


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