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Books for 9 Year Old Boys

Updated on October 17, 2013

Finding the Best Books for 9 Year Olds

The best books for 9 year old boys will depend on their reading ability and what they like to do and read about. 

Many reluctant readers will appreciate more visual books with text which is accompanied by cartoons and pictures. There are some fantastic funny books which will appeal to many 9 year old boys sense of humor. More advanced readers may feel ready to start on longer chapter books. There are books which appeal to 9 year old boys sense of adventure and fantasy too. 

This article suggests lots of the best books for 9 year old boys. Take a look on to check the reading level and reviews before you buy. However, the main thing is to encourage a 9 year old boys love of reading, so they enjoying sitting down with a book whether its funny, challenging or something completely new. 

Read on for books for 9 year old boys. 

Funny Book For 9 Year Old Boys

Funny Books for 9 Year Old Boys

If you want to encourage your 9 year old boy reading there are some really funny books that will appeal to their 9 year old sense of humor.

These Diary of a Wimpy Kids book are very funny reads for boys and their parents. It tells the stories of a 7th grader and his trials at school and at home. Lots of cartoon style pictures make this appealing to reluctant readers but more experienced readers will love it too.

Miss Daisy Is Crazy

This tells the story of AJ and how he hates school. He also can't understand his teacher who doesn't seem to know anything! The children are smarter than her and tell her all the answers. They think Miss Daisy is Crazy. Of course, Miss Daisy is using her unique techniques to make learning fun! The language is fairly simple and straightforward, great for reluctant readers.

Captain Underpants

If your really looking for a book to appeal to a 9 year old boys sense of humor this is it.

Meet the characters Captain Underpants and join him on his adventures against the equally well titled Professor Poopypants or Dr Diaper. Lots of cartoon type illustrations will appeal to the visual nature of 9 year old boys

Fantasy Books for 9 Year Old Boys

Many 9 year old boys are intrigued by fantasy worlds and love to read about them. Here are a few ideas of good fantasy books for 9 year old boys

The Beast Quest

The Beast Quest are great for reluctant readers as they are short chapter books (approximately 80 pages). There are also lots of them in the series, so once they are hooked there is a lot of other books they will be willing to read!

It tells the story of 12 year old Tom and his adventures to save the kingdom. The beasts that used to protect the Kingdom have been put under a spell by the evil wizard Malvel so instead of protecting the kingdom, the beasts are helping to destroy it. Tom discovers he is the only hope of rescuing the beasts and unlocking them from the evil spell and therefore saving the Kingdom.

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a New Yorker who has been kicked out of several schools. He has ADHD and an abusive stepfather so many problems to cope with. However, when he is 12 he discovers he is a demi-God who the son of one of the Greek Gods from Mount Olympus and a mortal. Percy then must go on a quest to retrieve Zeus' stolen thunderbolt to prevent a world war between the Gods.

Classic Books

There are lots of classic books which will really appeal to 9 year old boys and encourage them to settle down night after night and read a chapter from their book. Check out some ideas below. 

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is one of the most loved children's authors of the last 30 years and many parents will remember his stories from their childhood.

His top book titles include The BFG, Danny Champion of the World, The Witches, Matilda, The Twits, James and the Giant Peach among many others.

There are so many books it's difficult to know where to being but Charie and the Chocolate Factory is a good choice and children can watch the movies which accompany it too.

The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys Mystery books are books that grandparents may even have read - they've really stood the test of time showing how good they are. They characters were created by Edward Stratemeyer in 1929 but the books were first published in 1958. There have been numerous ghostwriters over the years but they all come under the name Franklin W Dixon.

The Hardy boys are teenagers who are also solving mysteries and involved in lots of action and adventure.

The titles included in the starter set opposite are The Tower Treasure, The House on the Cliff, The Secret of the Old Mill, The Missing Chums, and Hunting for Hidden Gold.

Factual Books

Many books this age love factual material and they like visual books too.

One book that fulfills both of these qualities is the Big Book of Why, 1000 Facts You Didn't Know.

Find answers to questions such as: - Why do we have eyebrows? What's a black hole and what happens if you fall into one? What's the fastest a human is capable of running?

There are lots of colorful pictures and text in this book and it's a great choice to dip in and out off. Another good choice for reluctant readers too.

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