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Bouncing Off The Walls With New Energy

Updated on November 24, 2010

A Constant Reminder

If we could push beyond what we know

To keep trying as we go

There would be no limit to our accomplishments

They would be endless as stars in the sky

We wouldn't spend our time wasted on arguing and fighting

We would be enjoying all are new ideas and progress

We would understand their true potential

The abilities we have could be constantly challanged

Reaching for are dreams can only mean one thing

Searching for the greatest challanges still to come

Helping each other is not a problem

Since we know it is not a condition that we are forced to do

It is a neccessity if we want to do more and be more

We understand the powers of the universe are here for us to use

Time to break new ground

Time to stake are claim

We are all actors and actresses and life is are stage

So we rock with the music

We slide in and out of fame

It is no longer an ego trip and all about the mighty buck

It is about helping all mankind and making the world something super special

When we have taken our dreams and fantasies from the comic books and crossed the line and made them part of the history books

Thats when I will be extremely happy

To see ordinary people with ordinary lives

Bond together to make a deeper connection with life

With faith in are future

Love for all living things

Realizing inside each one of us is the greatest secret

Still begging to break out of the imaginary shell that only temporarily holds us steady

So we can focus on what it is that we want and make all our efforts concentrated like tide

Strong as a the best lazer beam ever made

The only outcome that can come about

Is making the world the best we know

So future generations will not curse and complain in disgust

But rejoice and celebrate with honest feelings of great pride and true glory

That we have found the secret to life

One that does exsist here on earth not just in the heavens above

So let the lessons of are past

Stand and sometimes fall

Like a world made out of donuts

Each time we feel we can't succeed

We find the hole in the middle that leads us out

To the next sweet adventure that is what real life is all about


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