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Boxing glove

Updated on July 7, 2017
WinterJay profile image

An English language teacher with a MEd from the University of Ottawa who loves the combination of coffee, biscuits and poetry.


She put her boxing gloves on,
and said, "I can continue on
I know who I am, my weaknesses,
I can fight till dawn."
But when she fought her own self
And walked through the door to confess
To cry in front of him,
He gave her a hug, sang her a hymn,
Said to her, "it will be okay."
And left to work, leaving her
For the guests with them to talk away.

She thought she could do it,
On her own, with her wit,
With his support, she can change
Her weakness to make life easier
For him and her.
But when her gloves became worn out,
And when her "strong" mask had fallen out,
She came to him with a realization
That privacy for her is a declaration
Of both of his and her happiness and sanity,
And without them, their relationship won't reach actuality,
But he yelled before anything,
And broke the shell that
Was protecting everything.
And as he was beating the steering wheel,
She forgot who she was, she forgot his feel
And cried like a duckling, and wished she could reseal
That broken shell, for everything to heal.

"Too demanding" is what she heard last.
Or "you ask too much" when she hadn't asked
For a single thing for the seven months that passed
Except for him to be a good son to his mother,
And a good servant to his lord.
Because she cared so much for him,
She wanted the best for him.
But she never asked anything
Ever again,
For her love has broken
Into tiny pieces, forming a mosaic of
Forgotten warnings she had witnessed,
And signs she chose to ignore
Because the saying goes,
"Love is blinding".

She didn't want that Michael Kors watch,
Nor anything topnotch.
All that she ever longed for,
Was for her to be understood,
To be treated as she deserves.

So she threw her heart away on a carriage
For she realized it was not her who's not ready for marriage,
But him..
For marriage is not just love:
It is responsibility, trust, and a boxing glove
Worn by both to fight the hardships
So they can both ride peacefully the ship
Of life.


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