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Brain Storming- The Art of Creativity From Ideas to Quotes

Updated on November 2, 2014

Brain Storming- The Art of Creativity

Brain Storming is considered as the art of creativity of the brain. Sequential idea generation without any hindrance helps in better utilization of brain resources in minimal time. Brain storming can start from splitting a complex task to simple sequential manner which is easy to execute. The ides that changes thought process of human brain is also comes under brainstorming. Some times others words or ideas create ripple in our minds and make us sit and think in the way we have never thought before.

Brain Storming- Right Brain V/S Left Brain

Brain storming fight begins between the right and left parts of the brain. Left brain emphasizes more on accuracy ,logical thinking,reasoning and accuracy whiles as the right brain emphasize more on freedom creativity passion and unleashing new ideas. Brainstorming process takes predominantly in persons who can use their right brain effectively.

Brain Storming - Right Brain Has The Upper Hand


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