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Breaching Worlds: Introduction

Updated on August 15, 2012


War raged all through the immense land known as Mildas, where the most powerful of rulers roamed above and below ground. Through the green rolling hills of the combined kingdoms, villages crumbled to the horrific cries of battle. Many tried to flee the two kingdoms and escape to the Swamps and beyond, to Arternon, where they may be out of danger's grasp, and rid themselves of the blood shed by the battling troops' swords. Unfortunately, any one who enters the Swamplands will never leave. If one does not drown in the murky waters swarming with disease, then the bog sprites will surely finish off whatever the bog itself could not do.

The war, an ongoing battle between races over the centuries was migrating further and further south of the Bonnet, the northernmost land, which entirely covered or made of ice. Those dwelling in the above ground capitol could almost hear the cries of the men who fought, goblin and human, the heavy clanking of swords, the shrieks of pain, the rutti-tut-tut of the drums.

King Telson, ruler of all that remained above ground in Mildas, continued a war that his father's, father's triple great grandfather, King Ronald, had started centuries before, with their neighbors below them, the goblins. The human race was thinning due to the epic battles. Many women lost husbands while children lost fathers and brothers. During the time when the men were away fighting, a swift illness began trickling through the streets, and put the strongest to rest. All the healers in the capitol stood surrounding the king's castle and as many of the army troops as possible, to prevent a promising death to whomever should be unlucky enough to catch it.

Creatures with bubbling, thick, black skin hid underground, where the illness would not - could not - reach them, briefly retreating while the humans were picked off one by one due to the health hazards. The goblins cried out to their returning king, Lostass, for help, pleading for guidance in how to end the war.

"My people," the Goblin King addressed. "We do not wish to fight the fare-skinned neighbors above us. But we have to defend our city, our kingdom. We wish them no harm, but we must survive, and ne'er give up!"

His brief address to the goblin people of the underground cities seemed to raise their spirits, but only for a short time. They soon began to cry out again. Just as those suffered above ground, those in the Earth's pit were starving. All harvests had gone towards the fighting armies, and in a desperate attempt to cause submission, the humans had stopped any food shipments the goblins had requested from distant loyal lands.

One woman, whose hair was singed while wandering too close to the earth's pit, and was very ripe with child, cried out to the queen as she saw her venture away from the castle walls.

"Please," she begged, holding up a black withered hand. "I ask you, from one pregnant brag to another, save my baby."

The queen, ripe herself with a child, touched the poor woman's hand and shed a tear, while placing her other hand on to her own pregnant belly.

"If only 'twere so simple," was all she said.

Later that night, while all alone in a run down shack, the goblin woman felt her water break and the painful contractions begin. The woman was young, only fifteen years of age, and she screamed into the night in pain.

"Mother Goddess! Help me!" She felt herself begin to rip through her pelvic bone and up through the abdomen. The world swirled around her as she continued to push and cry out in agony.

A soft cry was heard. Her baby had been born.

The goblin mistress grinned with glee as a droplet trickled down her round, bubbly face. "Thank you." she whimpered in her hoarse voice as she collected her child into her arms.

"You are not well," an older voice replied.

"Who are you?" The girl was startled as she saw a tall, slender woman in a shaggy blue dress with misty green eyes. She was even more surprised to see the new woman possessing long, delicate, glimmering wings, sparkling as fairy magic riveted through them.

"I am just a humble fairy of these lands on my own personal quest."

"Then you are up to no good and are not welcome in my home. I want none of your trickery around my baby, so I bid thee farewell.” She paused. “What do you mean I'm not well?"

"Just as I said, you are not well." The sprite moved closer to the bed and sat at its foot. "You are young and have just given birth to a fine child. But your body is not as developed as it should have been before it performed this task. You're not as strong as you think you are, you know. You are slowly dying even as we speak”, she replied indifferently.

The pixie's words sank into the new mother, and she began to lament at the thought of leaving her new son. Suspicion seized her and she glared at the fae. "Why are you praying on a weak mother who has just tired herself with bringing a babe into the world? Go. You are not welcome here."

“Why are you alone for you birth. Surly you should have someone here to help you.”

“The father is in battle. My family is in Arternon. I haven’t any one here, and no where to go.”

The fairy ignored her, as her answer provided nothing of interest. "That ripping feeling you experienced in your stomach was not natural. You are bleeding to death."

"No..." the goblin whispered. " baby..."

"Don't worry about him. I'll take the brat,” The fairy interrupted. “Hells, I’ll take all the bloody brats you produce.”

"What would you want with my child?"

"That child will be the one who will end this war. It has been foreseen, and I am to make sure it happens."

"You're going to take away my baby?" The goblin woman was appalled. "I just received him after carrying him around in my belly and you're going to snatch him away just like that? How dare you?"

"It's not like you're going to care, you'll be dead any way. Surely you’ll want him to be well off, any way." The fairy seemed annoyed when she only received a blank look. "My dear girl, have I not already explained this to you? You are bleeding to death. You'll leave it before it leaves you."

"He. My child is not an 'it'."

"Very well." The fairy scooted closer to her with her arms outstretched. "May I?" She asked sweetly.

Cautiously, the mother handed her the newborn. The fairy smiled gently at the goblin child who had a hint of green to his still smooth skin. That would change with time. She proceeded to stroke his nose tenderly and mouth words to him in another tongue. When she finished, she tapped him lightly with a bit of playfulness on the tip of his nose and handed him back to his mother.

"He will lead a fine life and do many great deeds. You would be proud of him," said the fairy.

But the brag was not listening. Her concentration lay with the continuing pains. Through the night, she screamed again and again until she at last became eerily silent.

The fairy had taken the goblin’s first born and held him close through her cries. When she had passed on, the tiny goblin offspring had fallen asleep and the fairy put a kettle to the stove. She was the new care taker for the time being.

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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 7 years ago from India

      Very gripping tale!