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Break This Restraint, Bonehead!!

Updated on October 24, 2009


Break This Restraint, Bonehead.




Waiting in the shadows

beneath the hollows of her eyes,

lie tears not yet shed,

hematoma's not yet

inflicted by his cruel fist.

She trembles like the ash

on a dying cigarette...

then when the front door slams,

she falls to pieces,

curled into a fragile, fetal ball,

about to get a bouncing.

Why can't I ever be passing by

such blatant abuse similar to such quarters

 I used to be called too,

as a Military Policeman,

to find myself poised and ready to explode.

Somewhere just below a window

where the smack of some skanks cowardly fury,

reaches my righteous ears, stoking my inner rage.

Like a savage neanderthal

I would breech his dwelling place and render him

a victim with my bare hands and leather-ed feet,

military training times four.

Rock hard appendages pummeling,

punishing,  kicking and reducing him

to childlike fear, a sweet intervention of the highest order.

Just once God, give me a crack

at one or more of these maggots.

since your free will, keeps them free

to force their foul will on others.

Grant  their Hell an early arrival,

I'll be your fallen angel, while they lie

writhing on the linoleum floor,

cursing the very day they were born.

I have bagged too many young women,

whom for whatever reason could

not escape and were left waiting

in the shadows of black plastic zipped.


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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      that is quite sad actually well written, but sad.