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Breaking Bridges

Updated on March 28, 2012

Feel my pain and aggravation
Watch it run through these veins and drowned me
I am living in sin
Bathing in it as it surrounds me ,
living with the ghost of my life.
I have touched death and proved nothing
just to be burned on every inch of my skin.
Taste my defeat and hear my screams.
Lie to me and tell me im ok
Lie and say that I can make it through this
Lie to make me feel better
Lie to save my life.
Sitting in the darkness I am on my own
In the end your are not here for me
not like you said you would be
And it leaves me so alone
To fight this war I am battling
this is the bridge that is breaking
This was my way home
the only path i have ever known.


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    • What Is Q profile image

      Adam 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Just wanted to say two things. First, beautiful and heart wrenching. Second, I know about being in the darkness. And the thing about the darkness, is you always seem to be alone in it, but there are others there that can't be seen, sharing the same darkness, each feeling alone, because they never reached out and felt someone else there with them. Thanks for reaching out in the darkness. I felt this.