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Breaking New Ground

Updated on February 10, 2017

We Are Not Playing Around

When I am confused or uncertain

I think a lot

Turning my thoughts in my head

Like an old sew machine

Watching the bobbin move faster and faster

There are a lot of things I do not know

One of them is to sew

I have tried it for a spell

It wasn't to my liking

So I left it for other people to master

I do remember your foot played a part

Standing in front of a person sewing you couldn't see

Fast hands moved the material back and forth

My eyes were not trained to catch the slightest jerk

I am thankful for all my good clothes that have been mended properly

You would never know unless I told you so

So our eyes can be deceived

We can be easily tricked to believe

Something other than the truth

Unless we spend time researching the facts

We will never know

Most people are happy not knowing

Like going to a magician and watching so many magic tricks performed

They laugh and are amazed

They do not want to know how many hours the trick has been practiced

To make it perfect

They don't really want to know the secret

But they will still ask

How did you do that ?

Now with the ease of the computer

We can find out so much more than before

Even our greatest secrets can be known

Quite sad when you have the answer

To a trick you were so fascinated and mesmerized

It took away all the fun

Are politicians old magicians who confused us with simple tricks

Made us believe one thing

When behind the scenes something totally different was happening

A new day

A new way of thinking

I am not sure what the answer is

Careful for what we wish for

When we get it

We may not be as happy as we think


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