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Breaking Of A New Day

Updated on September 8, 2014

A breaking dawn heralds a new beginning,

For us to live a Life afresh,

With the touching of the first Sun's rays,

We feel the urge for work anew.

Birds wake up from slumber,

Creating a fuss of harmony.

The Morning Walkers,feeling bright,

Start jogging in the aura of Nature's light.

The Spirit of joy comes back,

Once again to Earth.

The showering sparks of morning,

Over flood,the dingy shades dark.

Nature at her best,

Makes one oblivious to all drudge.

The toilsome mazes of Life are never felt,

When the golden rays are on our face.

Green leaves everywhere,

Start cooking their palatable food,

While Rising Sun's rays on a green meadow,

Becomes a place devoid of any ugly shadow.


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