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Breaking Us - A Love Poem

Updated on March 20, 2014

Kiss me under the moonlight

That lives deep, in the spacious sky

Hold me close, to your body

Before you tell me goodbye...

Then in my eyes, will you see?

As you search, so high and low

Looking for more excuses

Of why you’re letting me go…

With your fingertips, gently wipe

The tears, upon my face

This is how you want it

I’m to be replaced…

In your mind, remember us

Memories, so dear and true

Get lost for just a moment

Then break my heart in two…

Set aside your ego, without fear

Your pain, to be self-nursed

Why I stand here wounded

By your plan so well-rehearsed…

In your soul, perhaps sorrow

Have you washed it away?

As you watch me drowning

It’s not enough to make you stay...

Go ahead, you’ve come this far

Convinced, it’s for the best

Then why can’t you let go?

I’m pinned against your chest…

Please don’t, take another kiss

Or speak, there is no time to talk

It’s time for me to leave

And for you to watch me as I walk…

Book of Poetry

© 2011 angoliver


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    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 5 years ago

      Thanks for the beautiful comment Leni Sands! I'm so glad you enjoyed my poem, you're a talented writer, too! :)

    • leni sands profile image

      Leni Sands 6 years ago from UK

      Awesome & emotive poem, very well written. It is a pleasure to read the work of someone so talented.

    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 6 years ago

      Hey Jami, a big thanks to you for stopping by and reading my poem! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for voting up! :)

    • profile image

      jami l. pereira 6 years ago

      Wow ! captivating and beautiful ! voted up as such ! great job! thanks for sharing:)

    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 6 years ago

      Awe thanks Epi! You just made me blush!! ;)

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago your writing - this romantic side of you sends poetic shivers down my spine ..... please keep it up - you have a gift .......

      lake erie time 10:04pm ontario canada

    • Mimi721wis profile image

      Mimi721wis 6 years ago

      Beautiful, heartbreak cuts like a knife.

    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 6 years ago

      Hi SusieQ42 & always exploring- Thanks for taking the time to read my poem, I appreciate it! This poem is very sad, but it's something we can all relate to. When I wrote this, it took me back to my teenage years, many years ago :)The heartache of loving and losing someone, but most of all, the courage to overcome the pain and move on.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Beautiful, We've all been there, done that. Excellent.

    • profile image

      SusieQ42 6 years ago

      This is a sad love poem...It just breaks your heart. Thank for the beauty of the moment.

    • d-richie93 profile image

      d-richie93 6 years ago

      This is such a lovely poem. I dont know if you are a literature person but what I would do is to comment on the poem add what inspired you to write this poem, just to kinda increase your points.

      Please visit one of my hubs and leave a comment