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Breakthroughs - Free Verse Poem

Updated on March 27, 2017


I don't want much high praise they are just my words

But, I refuse to run in a maze, wondering what it would be like to fly with this blackbird I know.

He may be counted as a friend

Life has always been like this before.

My love doesn't break, because it can bend.

Liable to whether any storm and more.

No praise please, just respect.

We could probably find great compromise.

Might just need to reconnect.

Absolutely, no reason to overdramatize.

Wish you could know what I already know.

You would have an emotional breakthrough.

My Journey

this poem is a representation of the progress in my emotional journey. all are welcome, your support and feed back is very much appreciated. I look forward to new connections.

just me
just me | Source
front garden friend
front garden friend | Source


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