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Breathe On

Updated on June 29, 2014

This One Is For You

My day begins long before I awake

My heart beats with each breath I take

As I am busy dreaming of an endless list

Of where I have been

Where I am going

What I will do next

I give the most important things not one thought

I open the newspaper

So many events in the news

I skim through the headlines

Usually the most important topics of the day

Than the sports page loaded with every game

Played or about to be

Why would I want to do anything else ?

Than sit back in my chair and read

Excited and thrilled

Shocked and overwhelmed

Each line pulls at my gut

I remember playing so many different sports

When I was young

A celebrity I am not

A professional athlete neither

Boy do I love the action

As I cringe my teeth

Who will win

Who will loose

Who will come back to play another game

What does it take

To be fearless when even the best quiver and shake



Constant love

Over the past few years my view of the game has changed

I still love to see those headlines

But now I have more important things to think about

I listen and hear as someone close to me

Tell me about their day

I make any necessary phone calls

I am o.k. for the moment

With two oxygen tanks and two more just incase

I sit instead of stand

My eyes closed from time to time

Off and on while I take a quick nap

I am doing what I have done all my life

Sometimes I struggle

As many words become customized

Because the air I breathe has been compromised

First time in many years

I stop and fumble

With issues so private

I don't tell anyone

I rub my eyes and shake my head

I have learned to quiet down when I am gasping for air

I treasure each moment

No different than in sports

Simple things I use to do now are a project

Sleeping through the night

What a wonderful thing

Here is one of a series of writings

That give you a glimpse of someone I love so much

As I take a quick run or jog down the street

I am so aware other people who struggle just to catch their next breath

Those of us who healthy

Please give a prayer to all those who are less fortunate

Miracles happen every day

To see one more person breathe

With no wires attached

Is a simple thing to ask

Enjoying our life in so many ways

I wish people could only see

Today is very special and never just another day


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Jodah I just printed my hub and I looked up and there was your comment. I am touched by your thoughts and give my warmest wishes to your wife. So many people struggle with breathing issues from asthma, sleeping disorders, lung issues the list goes on and on. Some do to age or medical conditions they might of had their whole life. I never gave it much thought because it never affected me. Now second hand a get an up close and personal view. Thank you for reading and sharing. Every day I try to do things and many don't come out right. I never had to worry about breathing it was something hidden and out of sight.Now I am a little more aware and more thankful than ever.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Good work Dream On. My wife has sleep apnea, so needs a cpap machine to help her breath at night, so I can relate.