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Breathing in

Updated on November 29, 2016


In with the good

Out with the bad

Can’t count the times

Can’t track the breaths

What is that I smell?

It's foreign to me

Holding my breath

I gasp, but alas

A putrid odor

Thickens the air

I need to breathe

Fresh air rescues me

I exhale and inhale

Walking in the park

Fresh gentle breezes

Revives me

Back on the street

Motors roar and spit

Exhaust pipes ooze

Holding my breath

I make my escape

Enter a bus shelter

It’s nice and warm

Is that cigar smoke?

Spirals up my nostrils

Choke, breathe, gasp

Go outside, breathe in

Enter the office

Time to make deals

Here in the jungle

Where's your report?

It’s overdue!

There's a meeting now

Hurry, don't be late

Raised voices

Clenched fists

Pounding chests

Bad breath

I need to breathe

I’ve had enough

Out with the bad

In with the good

Jason Derulo Breathing

It's difficult to breathe sometimes


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