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Updated on July 18, 2014

Tell Tales

Ah...I see

The moon breathed

As the night lulled her

Into a vivid dream

I Know

She would never say it aloud

but sometimes, she thought

those people that talk of love...were lying.


He lit a fire for her that spanned the sky.

Never will I be cold again she thought.


What's this sweet warmth

That holds on to my very skin?

I shall never let it go.

My Sweet

How lovely can you be

with your wild hair

and mischievous ways

How lovely I say to my sweet

as he nestles in

cosy by the fire where

our hearts

they lay

Stories...Life Stories My Dear

Wonderings at Dusk

They're all there,

and you're here,

watching the sun sink low,

wondering when you no longer

became a part of the tree upon

which you sprouted.

He Found Me

Where are you?

Ahhh alas you do not answer,

but within you,

you can feel that I'll find you,

can't you?


She had often wandered,

meandering through the

darkened streets

desiring only a place to


never once thinking that

she would be fortunate enough

to find his chest

Running Up That Hill

I've reached so many places

but this hour

I feel like I could almost forget

all that has been

and pick up my tired feet

and run, run, run again.


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