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Brick and Mortar

Updated on April 2, 2016
Within these walls I'm bound
Within these walls I'm bound | Source

I remain in the light

The door is ajar

The unfamiliar’s in my sight

I cannot

Travel far

I drown out the sound

Shouts of distant fervor

Within these walls I’m bound

A disgraced


Devil Do Me Wrong
Devil Do Me Wrong | Source

From inside I divulge

Devil do me wrong

Convince me

To indulge

Dissuade me

To belong

Walls surround, within I’m warm

Intoxicate me with your spirit

Outside lingers the howling storm

To conform

I can’t

I fear it

Filthy me, I’m not like you

I’m weakened by its splendor

A wall I can’t break through

But my soul, I cannot

Should not


Sword in hand
Sword in hand | Source

I battle on, sword in hand

Henceforth seeking

My own, dry land

Walls of warmth


On my command

The fortress I created

Brick and mortar to the ground

No longer lured, not bated

A better man

I am


Brick and Mortar to the ground
Brick and Mortar to the ground | Source


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    • easilyamused profile image

      Mike Stork 4 years ago from Coatesville

      thanks Senoritaa

    • Senoritaa profile image

      Senoritaa 4 years ago

      A very unique kind of rhythm. Good write.