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I Looked Dead in The Mirror: A Short Horror Story

Updated on February 27, 2017


In Florence, Alabama in 1994 the Lollar family moved into a three bedroom house in the country area of the city. The house sits on ten acres of land and it has a large barn along with two other large sheds next to it.

Steve Lollar his wife Judi and their children moved from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Alabama because Steve got promoted to General Manager with his company. The kids are Kathy (16 Years Old), Robert (13 Years Old) and Linda (18 Years Old).

Shadow Man

The shadow man lingers around every time something strange happens.
The shadow man lingers around every time something strange happens. | Source

Chapter One: Jumping Cookies

Kathy decided to cook homemade chocolate chip cookies the morning after moving with her family to their new home. After breakfast the kitchen cleared so Kathy mixed her ingredients together to make her treats. Meanwhile, Steve and Judi left for work. It was Saturday and Kathy and Linda were home alone because Robert spent the night with one of his seventh grade friends a few miles away.

Linda had her stereo loud in her bedroom listening to music while Kathy was busy loading her cookies in the oven. Kathy left the kitchen and went to the restroom returning within 5 minutes or so. The oven had a see through glass area which allows the owner of the oven to watch as spectators as it cooks.

As the cookies were baking Kathy looked in the oven and the cookies completely flipped over in the oven. Kathy could not believe her eyes as she opened the oven to find that the cookies had flipped upside down and ruined. Kathy thought she was seeing things so she made out more cookie dough and placed a new batch of cookies in the oven. This time the cookies were in the oven only a minute or two when the oven flew open and the cookies floated in the air and after several seconds they slammed to the floor. This freaked Kathy out and she ran out of the kitchen and into Linda's room and told her what happened. Linda laughed and made fun of Kathy obviously not believing her. She didn't bother to tell her parents or anyone else for that matter because she knew they would call her a nut case.

After this incident a few months went by without any paranormal presences if you will. Still Kathy couldn't even go in the kitchen unless another person was in their at the same time. Just the thought of cookies made her shiver and shake. How could a cookie float? How can an oven door just open? Everything otherwise was going great for all the family in general. And Then...................

Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is for summoning dead people from the other side
The Ouija Board is for summoning dead people from the other side | Source

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Chapter Two: I Looked Dead in The Mirror

" Mom, Do you believe in ghosts"? Kathy asked as she was watching television and her mom was ironing Steve's clothes. "No, I don't" she replied. Kathy started to ponder about the flipping cookies and it was mystifying and scary at the same time to her.

Later that evening Linda went on a date with her boyfriend and Robert was in his room playing video games for the evening. Steve and Judi are curled up watching a movie and Kathy is in her room listening to music on her headphones. All of a sudden the headphones began to talk to her in a language she has never heard before. Kathy took off the headphones and went into the bathroom to wash her face and snap out of it. She put water on her face and looked into the mirror and screamed to the top of her lungs. Kathy sprinted out of the house running down the street yelling. In the mirror Kathy had seen herself in a grotesque and frightening manner with a bloody face with streaks of blood going down her face. Also a huge bump was swollen up on the back of her head the size of a cantaloupe.

Finally, Steve and Judy found their daughter walking down the street and took her home. After telling her mom and dad what had happened they at first said they thought she was having a hallucination. She then mentioned the cookies also. Steve had her drug tested and she passed it. Next, he took Kathy to a psychiatrist and they found her to be perfectly sane. Finally, They all went back home and she screamed at her parents with full force and said "I looked dead in the mirror".

The Exorcist

The Exorcist film is based on a true story and it is considered one of the scariest movies ever produced.
The Exorcist film is based on a true story and it is considered one of the scariest movies ever produced. | Source

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Chapter Three: Mean Man at The Door

Kathy was frightened to death so her brother Robert stayed with her in her room. She had him watch for unusual activity while she slept. She hung a blue sheet over her bathroom mirror where the grotesque and dead looking face appeared.

Steve and Judi got home from work to find all three of the kids playing Monopoly. Robert easily won the gave as he forced Kathy to quit and Linda quit. Kathy put the game up in the top of the closet where the other board games were. She noticed a ouija board and took it out of the hall closet and took it to her room. She put the evil broad under her bed and went to the kitchen to get a snack.

When she returned to her room Kathy saw a skinny, extremely tall man with an extremely mad looking expression on his face. He was so tall he had to hunch over so his head would not touch the ceiling. Kathy asked the man who he was but he just sunk his eyebrows downwards and started to get angry and his pale skin turned red. Kathy freaked out and ran out of her room and into the living room screaming and her parents grabbed her and held her tight trying to calm her down.

Minutes later, Steve toured Kathy's room only to find it empty. Upon Kathy's insistence Steve checked the entire home but could find no tall, unhappy looking man.

Don't Look In The Mirror

Looking in the mirror could show  you future events that you may not want to see.
Looking in the mirror could show you future events that you may not want to see. | Source

Chapter Four: Horrific Holiday

December 5th, 1996

Kathy Lollar, now 18 years old and having just finished high school, enrolled in a nearby college to take nursing classes. She was now dating Charlie and her life seemed to be in order. It's been over a year without Kathy experiencing anything out of the ordinary.

Kathy and Charlie went out to eat at a sit down restaurant and on their way back home the steering wheel in Charlie's 1989 Ford Mustang went ballistic with a mind of its own. Charlie tried to stop the automobile but the gas pedal pressed down to the floor on its own. After two miles or so the car flipped in the air, crashed down hard and rolled down a ravine off the side of the road.

Charlie died instantly from head injuries but Kathy was still alive, although barely, and she laid their suffering. Out of the darkness a shadow appeared to her and as it got closer she could see it was a very tall man, maybe 8 feet tall, who was white but almost red in the face with anger. She looked closer and he was growing under his breath and his eyebrows were sunken in. This man or beast came up to her and kissed Kathy on her lips and walked away. Kathy then died as she was reciting The Lord's Prayer.

Evil Creatures, Entities and Other Items

Ouija Board
Voodoo Doll,
Evil, paranormal activity and the other side are believed by millions but others remain skeptical.,

Chapter Five: Bring Them Back!

Robert and Linda got the Ouija board and attempted to contact Kathy from beyond the grave. The board moved and Linda got mad and told Robert to stop moving it. Robert got up to leave the room and the board crumpled up like a piece of paper. Linda and Robert ran out of the room frightened and decided to leave it alone.

Exorcism of Latoya Ammons (Gary, Indiana)

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Kathy Lollar had a large funeral and she always said if she died she wanted an open casket. She got her wish but something very strange happened. At the funeral as everyone was viewing Kathy's body they noticed that she had a large hat on her head in the coffin. This was because a bump the size of a canteloupe was protruding from the back of her head. As Steve, Judy, Robert and Linda looked into the casket they all remembered Kathy telling them she had saw herself in the mirror with a massive swollen bump on the back of her head and now here she lays in a casket with that large bump being hidden with a hat out of respect. Their is no way that Kathy could have known she would have a large swollen bump protruding from her skull at the time of her death beforehand could she?

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